The Revival Released From WWE

It feels like years ago that the rumors were out that The Revival requested their release from the WWE. Then there were reports that The Revival were not getting paid while off the road. And on this Good Friday, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder have finally been released from their WWE contracts. Here is the tweet from the WWE:

JC’s Take: Vince McMahon just never got The Revival when they were called up to the main roster. On NXT they were able to go out there and wrestle 20 minute matches with American Alpha and the like. But that was never the case on the main roster. Vince saw them as two generic guys with no actual gimmick. Despite their gimmick being that they were great wrestlers.

Then when the rumors of both men wanting out of their contracts came out, and that they turned down contract offers, the burials started. Who can forget the classic back shaving segment? There was a glimmer of hope when they were paired with Randy Orton but it never amounted to anything.

Of course everyone (myself included) believes they will end up in AEW. But when? Rumors are AEW has TV taped all the way up to Double or Nothing. So I wouldn’t expect them to show up until after that.

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