WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (April 10th) (Orlando Florida)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with the new Universal Champion Braun Strowman arrives. Opportunity knocked at Mania, he took everything Goldberg had, and put him down for good. Shinsuke Nakamura arrives and Nakamura wants an opportunity, since the last time hey were in the ring, Strowman lost. Strowman says Nak will get these hands later tonight. Cesaro arrives and Nak attacks, and they leave. Starting out with an empty arena, Strowman promo instead of something taped backstage, where the promos have been thriving was a choice, but I guess they felt they had to do the angle right away.

Match 1 Womens Tag Team Champions:Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs Kabuki Warriors
Sane attacks Bliss at the bell, working her over with quick tags with Asuka. The challengers control early on, until Bliss gets a cradle for 2. They trade, the camera cuts are atrocious here as the challengers work quick tags and double teams for 2. Bliss counters with a dropkick, but Asuka cuts her off on the floor and does some commentary. Nikki attacks, and hits a high cross of the commentary table. Post break and Asuka has Nikki grounded. Sane tags in, double teams follow and the cover gets 2. Nikki counters into a sunset flip, gets cut off and Asuka tags in. She follows with kicks, Nikki fires back and Asuka delivers knee strikes until Nikki cradles her for 2. The bulldog and tag follows. Bliss and Sane in as Bliss controls and misses the double knees moonsault as Sane follows with the spear for 2. Bliss fires back, Nikki tags in, it breaks down and the doomsday device and Asuka lock follows but Nikki counters as Bliss makes the save. The insane elbow misses, Nikki takes out Asuka and tags in Bliss. The DDT gets 2 as Asuka makes the save. Asuka takes out Nikki, twisted Bliss to the floor follows and back in, twisted Bliss misses, tag to Nikki and the purge finishes it.Winners & Still Womens Tag Team Champions:Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!)

Elias arrives and talks about his Mania win over Corbin. He sings with a clap track about his feud and win over Corbin, teasing a MITB win.

They now detail the tale of Otis & Mandy, as true love prevailed at Mania.

Dolph & Sonya rant about doctored footage as Tucker arrives and shares pics of Mandy & Otis together. Tucker wants to beat his ass now.

In two weeks, we get a Triple H 25th anniversary celebration.

Match 2:Dolph Ziggler vs Tucker
Tucker attacks, posting Dolph and laying the boots to him. The suplex follows for 2. Dolph fires back, is cut off and they go to the floor for some walk and brawl. Tucker whips him to the steps, Dolph rakes the eyes but Tucker slams him on the announce table. Back in and Tucker hits the powerslam for 2. Tucker hits a lariat, and the high cross gets 2. Dolph posts him and the superkick finishes it.Winner:Dolph Ziggler

We get highlights from the Smackdown tag team Title Ladder Match at WrestleMania Day 1.

Smackdown Tag Team champions Miz & Morrison. Morrison makes sure to mention he retained the tag titles by himself, while Miz say he retained them from his couch. They show footage of the Bone Yard match, as Morrison jokes about not wanting to be buried. Better AJ than them. They also joke about Braun being a champion that actually shows up, Cena finally not being able o be seen and sing their wacky song. The Usos arrive and interrupt. They mock the champions, Miz is offended, and Morrison doesn’t appreciate their attitude. The Usos want a title shot, but Miz says he’s not medically cleared. The Usos claim Morrison carries the team as New Day arrives. They want a shot since the original Mania match didn’t happen, and next week, it will be Jey Uso vs. The Miz vs. Big E with the tag team titles on the line. My head hurts.


Match 3 Tag Team Match:Forgotten Sons vs Lucha House Party
The Sons control early, until the Luchas pick up the pace with double teams, battling back as Corey lies to us about the Sons “dominating” in NXT. Dominating that catering table. They quickly cut of the luchas, grounding Dorado until he cuts off Cutler, and Metalik tags in.H does lucha things, and is very good so he’s of course about to lose. Blake cuts him off and the double stomp/inverted DDT finishes it.Winners:Forgotten Sons

Dana Brooke & Carmella challenge Nikki & Bliss for the Womens Tag Team Titles backstage. Bliss tries to play it off and Nikki says they can do it and accepts for them.

Sasha Banks arrives and Bayley joins her. Bayley talks about Paige trying to ruin their friendship at Mania, but she failed. Bayley says no one can touch her, because she’s beaten everyone. They are the best, the ultimate role models, and Banks says “screw you” to the sheep. Nobody from the past, present or future can touch them. Fucking Tamina is still around and arrives. They immediately back off and kiss her ass. Bayley congratulates her on her Mania performance and Tamina tells them to shut up. Bayley didn’t beat her, it took all of you to beat me so she wants a title shot… for being a loser. Banks makes a coconut joke and says Tamina can’t jump the line as “Bayley holds her back.” Bayley says Tamina can have a match if she beats Banks. Tamina accepts as Banks doesn’t look pleased. I have no time for Tamina, but the Banks/Bayley stuff is playing out well.

Match 4:Sheamus vs Local Jobber
Sheamus just beats his ass with ease, Brogue Kick, finish.Winner:Sheamus

We get part one of a retrospective on Jeff Hardy in order to hype his return.

NEXT WEEK:The Miz (c) vs Big E vs Jey Uso for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles,Sasha Banks vs. Tamina If Tamina wins she gets a Smackdown Womens Title Match,Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro & Naomi vs. Dana Brooke in Money In The Bank qualifiers.

Main Event Non Title Match:Universal Champion Braun Strowman (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Nak attacks with kicks, Strowman cuts him off and starts tossing him around. Nak powders, Strowman follows and pummels Nak. Back in, Cesaro distracts him and Nak attacks. Strowman quickly cuts him off on the floor. Post break and Strowman dominates until Cesaro helps Nak cut him off. Strowman quickly counters into aside slam, takes out Cesaro and clothesline on Nak. He follows with tackles on the floor, but back in Nak cuts him off with a knee strikefor 2 Strowman counters Kinshasa into a powerslam for the win.Winner:Universal Champion Braun Strowman

Bray joins us from the Funhouse to relive his Mania win. “We really can’t see you.” He congratulates Braun has flashbacks, and says Braun turned his back on him and the family. The puppets don’t want Bray to forgive him… minus Ramblin Rabbit who thinks Braun is a good guy. Bray wants an apology, Braun doesn’t give a fuck and Bray wants a title shot. He brought Braun into this world and will take him out of it. Braun says that he’s ready to let him in at any time.