AEW Dynamite 4.15.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Dr. Britt Baker Continues To Shine

I had my doubts when it came to this Dr. Britt Baker heel turn. But she continues to pull it out week after week. One of the positives about being a heel is that you can act differently in a match, not improve your wrestling skills, and have your match get better. Now I am not saying that Dr. Britt Baker isn’t getting better. But she is getting the mannerisms and taunts down to a tee while working as a heel. So she can keep that up and continue to work on her in ring game as a heel. And when it all comes together than maybe she can lead the women’s division like many thought she would in AEW. But I don’t know how many people thought it would be as a heel. If this were a six month check up on Dr. Britt Baker, she would get a passing grade so far.

2. Will the Orange Cassidy/Best Friends Relationship Come To An End?

Once again this week, Orange Cassidy somewhat caused Chuck Taylor to lose his match. The theme seems to be that an opponent’s corner man gets involved, then Orange Cassidy, then there is a distraction and Chuck Taylor, Berretta or the Best Friends all together lose. Even before this pandemic, I was of the opinion that I thought they were building to a breakup with these three. I think it has to be done in front of a live audience, though we have no idea when that will happen. But then the question becomes: Can Orange Cassidy survive as a singles act? The Best Friends are kind of floundering and are the job team of AEW. A heel turn might help them.

3. Moxley/Hager Fails To Deliver

AEW did a good job of building this match up throughout the show. I liked the cameos from various MMA stars/AEW stars/actors etc. talking about the match. I liked Taz’s breakdown of Hager’s finisher. But then the match started at 9:20. Even with commercial breaks I thought that was a bad idea. Not only that, AEW seemed to hype this up as a violent match and it was your typical cookie cutter WWE No Holds Barred Match. They spent too long in the ring after making it seem like this was going to be a war. Hager isn’t meant to go that long in the ring as it is. This would have been much better served as a 20 minute, one commercial break match with a bit more brawling involved.

Other Notes

-I thought the Lance Archer/Colt Cabana match went on too long. Archer needed a more dominant win.

-Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian are a great midcard act.

-Justin Law looked like a kid I would have 100% ID’d for a R rated movie while working at the movie theater.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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