Looking Back: ECW November to Remember 2000 w/Justin C

And here’s another new features to Hot Tag Wrestling! Yes, it is similar to my old retro reviews. But I won’t be focusing just on PPVs. I will expand it to TV shows and wrestling history moments if they fall on important anniversaries.

For tonight, I threw in 3 different things in the ranodmizer. I started with promotions and landed on ECW, then year and landed on 2000, then PPV and landed on November to Remember.

So here is the story with this show. ECW is two months away from death. They just lost their TNN TV deal. There was no TV build for this and the card was just kind of thrown together. Not only that, but Rob Van Dam left the company before this show. He was owed a ton of money. Of course that was the story of ECW at this point. Heyman was trying to find ways survive but couldn’t pay everyone. He knows he has to change his style and it is evident at the start of this show.

The majority of the ECW mainstays are gone. There is no Taz, Dudley Boyz, Mike Awesome, Sabu, Shane Douglas, Lance Storm, or RVD as I mentioned above. Paul Heyman had to find a new batch of talent to mold in his image and we get that on this show.

The show starts with promos from everyone involved in the World Title match later. Apparently Justin Credible doesn’t get laid until he wins the Title back. At least that is according to Francine. Dawn Marie wants to get involved with Steve Corino. Man, Dawn Marie was a smoke show back in the day. And now she is a nurse fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Good for her.

We get the traditional ECW PPV start with Joey Styles and Joel Gertner. Simon Diamond comes out pissed asking what it is going to take for his name to get mentioned. The crowd chants “You Suck Dick” at him, which probably wouldn’t fly in 2020. Diamond threatens Gertner, but Gertner tells him he likes everything Diamond does. Except he can’t remember his name because he is just some undercard jemoke.

Diamond attacks Gertner and out comes Swinger. They are going to break Gertner’s arm until Tommy Dreamer makes the save. We get some dubbed over music because we can’t have Alice In Chains. C.W. Anderson, who they were clearly trying to make their version of Arn Anderson in ECW, attacks Dreamer. The Bad Street Boys come out and we have our first match.

The Bad Street Boys vs Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond

The Bad Street Boys were Christian York and Joey Mercury. Think of them as the Hardy Boyz lite. It was the style Heyman knew he had to go to if he was going to try and get ECW a new TV deal, which was very close with USA Network in its dying days. After a quick start Diamond and Swinger slow it down. We get a few minutes of no commentary until Cyrus comes on. Swinger and Diamond hit a neckbreaker/sidewalk slam combo on a chair for two. The Bad Street Boys throw Swinger into Diamond’s crotch. They set up a combo move on Diamond with a top rope frankensteiner but Swinger knocks Mercury off the rope. Anderson hits a spinebuster and Swinger/Diamond hit their finisher for the win. Fine Opener.

As the heels attack, Kid Kash comes out, eventually. Styles asks if anyone can follow a format. Kash tosses the ref on all fours and jumps off him then the ropes onto everyone on the outside. He wants a match with Anderson so here we go.

Kid Kash vs C.W. Anderson

Kash hits some slick armdrags early on. Kash then jumps over the top and hits a hurricarrana on the outside. Kash throws Anderson into the railing and jumps over it off the chair onto Anderson. Kash finally gets caught by Anderson with a perfect plex like suplex. Anderson starts to work over the left shoulder of Kash and rams it into the post a few times. They exchange chops back in the ring. Anderson hits the “Anderson Left’ for two. More exchanges and Anderson hits a double springboard hurricarrana for two. Anderson crotches Kash on the top then hits a delayed superplex for two. Anderson ducks a springboard and hits a spinebuster for two. Anderson blocks Kash’s finisher but Kash hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for the win. Good match, and now we get to listen to the knock off Kid Rock music again!

These first two matches are an example of the wrestling Paul Heyman knew he had to transition to if he had any slim hope of surviving. Hardcore wrestling couldn’t be the main focus. It had his place but it couldn’t dominate your show.

Hot Commodity w/Elektra vs Danny Doring and Roadkill

Elektra can barely walk down the ramp in her heels. I have zero recollection of Hot Commodity. Roadkill was apparently an idea Bruce Prichard had for an Undertaker opponent. Goes to show you how good of an eye Prichard has. Roadkill is not a main eventer. Apparently this was suppose to be a six man but Kid Kash was suppose to be the partner of Doring and Roadkill. Why would Kash randomly accept a match then? After the heels attack, Spike Dudley comes out to generic “Highway to Hell” music. Spike cleans out and we get the odds evened up. The faces clean house as order is eventually restored. We get two different hot tag spots as Roadkill and Spike Dudley both get them, but the heels clip Spike’s bad knee. Spike ducks two top rope moves and gets a roll up for two. The Acid Drop gets blocked, but Roadkill hits a double clothesline. Elektra comes in but gets taken out by Doring, which again wouldn’t fly today. Spike hits an Acid Drop for the win.

Rhino cuts a promo saying New Jack is going to have to shit his face out the next time he sits on the toilet. Umm, okay then. Rhino was green but clearly a Heyman project at this point.

Chris Chetti w/ Lou E Dangerously vs Nova

Lou E is a Paul Heyman spoof who is the former Sign Guy Dudley. Chetti and Nova used to be partners. Chetti wants a loser leaves ECW match out of this tonight. The match quickly spills to the outside. Chetti gets busted open. They finally get back in the ring. Nova applies a Crossface Chicken Wing. Chetti gets to the ropes then hits a superkick. Chetti gets thrown into a chair and pretends to re-injure himself. But its a distraction to allow Lou E to hit a low blow and give Chetti control. Chetti hits Novocaine on Nova for two. Nova hits a sidekick then some corner punches. Chetti gets a chair and cracks Nova across the skull. But Nova hulks up and still attacks. Nova hits an underhook DDT but Lou E puts Chetti’s foot on the ropes. Lou E is taken out with a baseball slide. Nova goes for his three piledrivers, but Lou E hits Nova with his phone. Chetti only gets two. They go to the top. Nova knocks Lou E off the apron. Nova eventually gets control and hits the Krytponite Crutch off the top for the win. Good match, and the announcers put over Nova throughout the match. Something you rarely see today.

New Jack promo. He says he is going to win the Title. But he doesn’t care about it so he is going to use it to gamble and for hookers. He just wants to kick Rhino’s ass.

Flaming Tables Match: Da Baldies vs Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy

The action spills right into the crowd about two minutes in. Trash cans and chair shots to the head all over. They brawl from an open area to in the actual crowd. This is literally just four guys walking through the crowd and throwing a punch every now and then. Cyrus says this looks like a brawl in a LA parking lot, referring to the XPW/ECW brawl over the summer. They finally make their way to the aisle and Chilly gets powerbombed through two chairs. The crowd is chanting to use the tables, which makes sense because that is the only way to win. Might be the only time I don’t hate a tables chant. A table finally gets set up, and Angel gets powerbombed through it and Balls and Willy get the win. It looked like they over-lit the table as those flames were pretty high. Not only that, on replay you can see Balls doesn’t lift up Angel all the way and he goes pretty much head first into the flaming table.

We get a promo with Tajiri and the Sinister Minister and what they are thankful for. We then see Mikey Whipwreck on a table tied up with it burning.

Joey Styles says the FBI did something to the Sinister Minister and tried to take off his finger. That actually happened due to a malfunction with a flame thrower earlier in the day.

ECW TV Title: Rhino (c) vs New Jack

Oh great, now we have to listen to the generic rap music this whole match instead of Natural Born Killaz. A typical New Jack match to start. New Jack jumps off the apron and hits Rhino with a “Left Turn Only” sign. Rhino catches New Jack coming back into the ring. New Jack drops Rhino and puts a frying pan in between his legs, then hits hit with a pool stick. Rhino uses the ref to block a garbage can shot. Another ref comes in and tries attacking New Jack, but he gets the staple gun to the head. Rhino misses a splash off the top. New Jack grabs the guitar and uses it but it doesn’t phase Rhino. Rhino lifts up New Jack and spears him through the table for the win.

ECW Tag Team Championship: The FBI (c) vs Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck

Tony Mamaluke was the guy from WCW who managed the Mamalukes. A little bit of trivia there for you. First Mamaluke and Whipwreck, then Tajiri and Little Guido do. Tajiri hits a guillotine leg drop on Guido on the ropes. They then hold two chairs between his head and dropkick them into Guido. Whipwreck get both FBI members on top and hits two Whiper-Snappers. Big Sal goes for a splash to break up the win but he lands on Mamaluke. Whipwreck looks hurt and a stretcher is called for him. The FBI applies a camel cluctch/Boston Crab combo. Super Crazy comes out to a pretty big pop and cleans house. The ref regains control and the FBI work over the left arm of Tajiri. Super Crazy gets a hot tag. Him and Mamaluke brawl to the crowd with Big Sal following them. Super Crazy hits a moonsault off the stands onto Big Sal. Tajiri applies the Tarantula on Mamaluke. Little Guido bulldogs Tajiri and gets the win. Match was a bit of a mess after a good start.

Double Jeopardy Match for the ECW Title: Jerry Lynn (c) vs Justin Credible; Steve Corino vs Sandman

So here is how this match works. All four men are in the ring at the same time to start. But to start, only the people fighting each other can eliminate each other. So its two matches happening in one ring, then getting down to the final two. Joey Styles has had to explain it twice in two minutes so it tells you how confusing of an idea it is. I like different ideas but even this seems complicated.

There is no Sandman to start. So for some reason, instead of just sitting there doing nothing, Corino decides to wrestle and we get a triple threat match to start. I mean, Corino can’t pin anyone here so why waste your time? Sandman finally shows up about five minutes in. And of course we can’t hear “Enter Sandman”. Sandman pours some beer down the mouth of a man with a mullet. Jerry Lynn got busted open during all of this. Sandman finally comes in and canes Credible and Lynn. He does the same to Corino and Jack Victory. Everyone is now busted open just so you know.

Lynn and Credible exchange chops in the ring. Sandman sets a ladder up in the corner and tosses Corino into it. He does the same to Credible and Lynn. Sandman suplexes Corino onto the ladder then swantons over the top onto the ladder on top of Corino for two. They exchange opponents and Sandman bulldogs Credible on the ladder. Four chairs are set up with the guardrail on it. Sandman suplexes Corino on it but also hit his own head on it.

Everyone is back in the ring. Lynn tombstones Credible but Francine breaks up the pin. Corino prevents a cat fight so is booed. Corino hits Old School and Credible hits the Tombstone and both men pick up wins and the crowd boos it. There’s a loud “bullshit” chant. To the credit of these two, they realize they have to work their asses off to get the crowd and they start off with a barrage of slaps. Corino hits the Dusty Rhodes Elbow. Jerry Lynn beats up Corino when he is sent to the outside, and the Sandman does the same to Credible. Corino sets up a table in the ring. Corino suplexes Credible through it for two. Francine is taken out. Credible hits a superkick. Corino gets back up and is low blowed by Dawn Marie, as is Jack Victory. Credible hits three cane shots but Corino doesn’t go down. Corino hits a superkick and gets the win and a decent crowd pop. Jerry Lynn comes in and hands the Title to Corino. If you wanted to do that, you should have had Corino beat Lynn.

Overall, I thought the show started good with some solid wrestling. Then it went back into old ECW mode. The main event was way too confusing and the rules made no sense from a logic standpoint. Corino was always going to be Heyman’s next top guy if you followed ECW at this point. They did a decent job putting him over here. All in all for a show that seemed booked last minute, it was a decent night of wrestling. If I was rating it I’d probably give it a 5 or so.

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Justin C

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