AEW Dynamite 4.22.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. How Many Big Men Do You Need?

First let me say I like the idea of these squash matches during this time. You don’t need to go all out with every show nowadays. Make it like an old episode of WWF Superstars. You have some interviews, some matches with regular stars, and some squash matches. But tonight we had two similar big man squash matches with Wardlow and Brodie Lee. And we also have Lance Archer in the fold as well. Those are three very similar wrestlers being pushed in the same exact role. Sure their characters are different. But the matches they have been booked in so far are very similar.

2. Intrigue In The TNT Title Tournament

When the brackets were first announced for the AEW TNT Title Tournament, I was convinced that the finals would be Lance Archer vs Cody. Sure there is still a good chance that is the case. But I’m not as sold on it as I once was. They added the intrigue of Dustin Rhodes saying he would retire if he doesn’t win this Tournament. I could conceivably see a scenario where Dustin pulls a surprise win over Archer next week. Then on the other side we have Cody vs Darby Allin. I could see Darby winning there too. I think AEW runs into a problem if they do Dustin/Cody in the Finals. Not only will they not be able to replicate their first match. But they will also have to worry about people looking at them as booking themselves in the top matches. But what I once thought was a chalk bracket at least has some more intrigue now with the stories they built into the tournament.

3. What Is The Matt Hardy End Game?

This week we saw a vignette with Broken Matt Hardy. He said that if Jericho didn’t want to talk to his broken personna, he knew someone else Jericho might want to talk too. Then he turned into regular Matt Hardy. Regular Matt talked about how he used to be at times friends and enemies with Jericho. Hardy in AEW so far has been hit or miss depending on who you ask. And now they are going to do a split personality thing with Matt. It makes me wonder not only what the shelf life is for this character, but what the end game is well. I think people care more about seeing Vanguard One and Senor Benjamin rather than Matt Hardy himself. And if they really do more of regular Matt will the fans lose interest sooner rather than later?

Quick Thoughts

-Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are quickly becoming one of my favorite acts in AEW.

-Two weeks now and no one in AEW can tell the ID Justin Law gave them was fake.

-Someone needs to ask Chris Jericho why he had so much open space in his foyer.

-The day the Best Friends finally turn on Orange Cassidy is going to be a sad one.

-I like that a few of these matches didn’t end with finishers.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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