WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (April 24th)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with Smackdown tag team champions the New Day, pancakes are apparently canceled during the pandemic. Kofi is thrilled and puts over Big E for winning the championships for them. Big E is very excited to have the championships back as Kofi says that they have more reigns than the Harts, Bulldogs, NAO, Demolition, E&C and are thrilled to be so successful. Big E is excited that Tom Brady is in Tampa Bay, but Kofi isn’t thrilled. Lucha House Party arrive and congratulate them, but they want their shot. Revolving door time as Miz & Morrison arrive. They aren’t happy and call New Day fake champions since they won in a singles match. New Day never beat them in a tag team match. They want the titles back, the Luchas aren’t cool with this and the Forgotten Sons now arrive. Miz asks who they are, they introduce themselves and say they served their country but since have been treated like trash. Miz isn’t impressed and Ryker calls him a Marine poser. They all brawl and the Sons lay out New Day as the others powder.

Match 1 Money In The Bank Qualifying Match:Drew Gulak vs King Corbin
Corbin dumps him right away. Gulak back in and Gulak grounds things, Corbin escapes and Gulak lays in chops. Corbin returns fire with strikes, but Gulak attacks the knee and dumps Corbin. He then dropkicks him over the announce table. Post break and Corbin hits the in and out lariat for 2. He follows with strikes, Gulak fires back and then cradles him for 2. Corbin cuts him off with a slam and that gets 2. He lays the boots to Gulak, until Gulak fires back and hits a dropkick. The sunset flip follows for 2. The cross body follows, Corbin powders and Gulak whips him to the steps. Back in, Gulak heads up top and the flying lariat follows for 2. Nak & Cesaro attack Bryan, Gulak makes the save and Corbin posts him. Back in and end of days finishes it.Winner & Qualifies For The Money In The Bank Ladder Match:King Corbin

Post match, the heels all lay out Gulak.

They talk about the 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski heading back to the NFL.

Match 2:Sheamus vs Daniel Vidot
Sheamus dominates with ease, pummeling Vidot. Sheamus will not be disrespected, Brogue Kick, finish.Winner:Sheamus

We get the next Jeff Hardy video, looking at his redemption. It’s really good, talking about how he changed for his daughters, because he didn’t want them to see him how he was. He had to come back to WWE in 2017, that Mania pop for the Hardyz return was great.

The next Triple H moment is the invasion of WCW on a Jeep.

Sheamus harasses Cole for talking about Jeff Hardy.

Match 3 Tag Team Match:Lucha House Party vs The Miz & John Morrison
Miz and Dorado begin, with Dorado controlling until Miz cuts him off. Morrison in as double teams follow for 2. Morrison follows with kicks, Dorado hits an arm drag and Metalik tags in as double teams follow for 2. Morrison battles back, cutting off Dorado as Miz tags in. They work double teams, quick tags and more double teams follow for 2. Morrison follows with ground and pound, until Dorado counters into the golden rewind. Miz in, but Metalik follows with the high cross, kicks, reverse sling blade but the moonsault eats feet. Metalik counters back into a cradle for the win.Winners:Lucha House Party

Match 4 Womens Money In The Bank Qualifying Match:Sasha Banks vs Lacey Evans
Sasha attacks off the distraction, they brawl to the floor and Sasha posts Lacey’s right hand. Back in and Sasha covers for 2. Sasha lays the boots to Lacey, and then starts attacking the injured hand. Lacey fires back, hits clotheslines and a running kick. Counters attacking the hand by posting it again. Meteora follows for 2. Sasha grounds things, Lacey fires back and sends Sasha to the buckles. Lacey repeatedly posts Sasha, and looks to head up top with Sasha. The superplex is countered as Sasha attacks the hand, slips out and follows with the powerbombfor2. The Banks statement follows, Lacey escapes and hits a desperation women’s right but Bayley puts Sasha’s foot on the ropes. Bayley causes a distraction as Sasha had Lacey covered for about 5. The Women’s Right finishes it.Winner & Qualifies For The Womens Money In The Bank Ladder Match:Lacey Evans

Post match, Tamina lays out Bayley.

We get a big video package on the history between Bray & Braun.

Next is a video catch up on the drama between Mandy Rose,Dolph Ziggler,Otis & Sonya.

Next Week:Mandy Rose vs Carmella in a Womens Money In The Bank Qualifying Match & Otis vs Dolph Ziggler in a Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Carmella tells Dana that she inspires her as they prepare for their Womens Tag Team Titles match.

The next Triple H moment is his return from injury at MSG.

Main Event Womens Tag Team Titles Match:Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs Dana Brooke & Carmella
The challengers take early control as the action spills to the floor. Post break and Carmella controls, working over Alexa and Nikki makes the save. Dana takes out Nikki on the floor, Alexa cuts off Carmella, she works up top and Nikki tags in as Carmella hits the head scissors. Carmella battles back, but the champions hit a double team DDT to retain.Winners & Still Womens Tag Team Champions:Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)

Triple H says he almost can’t believe it’s been 25-years in the business as HBK arrives. saying Triple H couldn’t do this without him. He puts over Triple H, and reminds Triple H about social distancing. HBK sent out hundreds of invitations, and they are all here for him. Ok, they aren’t, it looks bad, but Cole & Corey are here. They have been friends for these past 25-years, and thanks Triple H for the HBK 25th anniversary show on Smackdown. OH WAIT, THERE WASN”T ONE! But he’s not angry. Triple H says there was supposed to be one and will deal with this at the office. They reminisce about DX, which leads to great moments in DX history, which is an outtake reel. They talk about Triple H’s Mania career, highlighting his shit record at the event. They joke around as Triple H thanks all the great talent he had to work with, as HBK brings up Triple H marrying “Stephanie No Fun.” She of course calls in and is not pleased. Triple H says it’s fine as HBK mocks her, and she says she can see him. It’s wacky and humorous. Ric Flair now video calls in and he makes them cry. Poat break and Road Dogg now calls, calling Triple H a Chiapet. Triple H hangs up on him as HBK wants to talk Katie Vick. Vince arrives and HBK says he’ll leave so they can have a moment. Vince congratulates Triple H on 25-years, and says he’d hug him under normal circumstances, but people all over the world are appreciating and would be cheering I they were here, well, the family in the front row while the rest chant boring. Vince in senile, talking about the Gobldygooker, and says Triple H wasn’t that bad. He brings up the Katie Vick deal, and has no idea why Triple H did it. He mock Bayley’s this is your life and says he loves Triple H. He even loves Shawn, but makes fun of their last match, calling it rotten and a shame. He wraps it up and they turn of the lights on Triple H & HBK to the sounds of crickets.