Justin C’s Pro Wrestling Week In Review: 4.20.20-4.25.20

This week wasn’t as eventful as last week’s in the world of pro wrestling. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be here to review it for you! I’ll be here every week to look at what happened in the world of pro wrestling! Lets get to it!

Three Stars of the Week

3. Darby Allin

There was no one in the crowd on AEW Dynamite again, but Darby Allin decided to go out there and almost kill himself again. Not only did he take a dive from Sammy Guevara on a ladder, he also went head first into the railings at ringside when going after him. Darby, I like you, and I would love to see you perform in front of a live crowd again. How about we take it down a little every once in awhile? I wrote in my AEW Dynamite review that it is possible Allin could win his match against Cody this week on Dynamite. He could be the first holder of the TNT Title and probably needs it the most out of the four remaining. But Darby Allin gets this spot for busting his ass once again this week with no crowd present.

2. Drake Maverick

When Drake Maverick was released last week, he put out a very emotional video talking about his time in the WWE. Then the WWE realized that they had just announced him for their Cruiserweight Title Tournament earlier in the week. So since he was being paid for 90 days, the WWE decided to bring him back to still compete in the Tournament. They put together a really nice video package for him on NXT. I thought he was going to win, but instead he took the loss against Jake Atlas. If this were any other promotion they would have Maverick win his first two matches, only to lose the last one. But this is WWE, so it will probably be a clean sweep of losses for Drake. But he put on a good match Wednesday and showed he can be a good hand for someone down the line.

1. Drew McIntyre

You might be seeing a lot of Drew McIntyre in this spot in the weeks ahead. I know we were a little ahead of the curve over here when it came to seeing Drew McIntyre’s star potential, so this may come off as a bit biased. But McIntyre has been great in his role as WWE Champion since winning the Title at Wrestlemania. He has adjusted his character well to having no crowd present in front of him. He talks right into the camera with his promos as if he was talking right to you at home. He doesn’t come off as corny or forced as a babyface yet, which is always a good thing. I called him Big Daddy Cool Drew McIntyre and his character is very close to that.

Match of the Week: Rey Mysterio vs Murphy

This match was very good. It would have been better with the proper result. I have no idea why Rey Mysterio won this match. I know this isn’t a traditional Money in the Bank match, but there is more to be gained from Murphy being in the match than Rey Mysterio. And teasing Murphy winning in means more than Rey Mysterio winning. I just realized I complained a lot in the match of the week section. But this match was a good watch and showed just how good Murphy can be down the line.

Dud of the Week: Triple H’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

I have no idea what was suppose to be the goal here. This lasted for 20 minutes, and was apparently longer before it was chopped down in the editing room. It started off as ok comedy, then just fell off a cliff when Vince McMahon came out. Vince rambled on and made no sense when he was talking. Apparently that is what Vince’s demeanor is like nowadays given all the shit that is going on. But him coming out and telling Triple H to wrap it up with no good end other than just turning the lights off on Triple H was a very stupid ending to everything.

Random One Liners

-Vince must have finally seen Sons of Anarchy. It has to be the only reason the Forgotten Sons are getting a push.

-He must of also just seen Carpool Karaoke, because that is the only explanation I see for that Viking Raiders segment.

-If I can’t get Liv Morgan in Money in the Bank I guess Lacey Evans is the next best thing.

-I liked the Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae segment, but that new look doesn’t work for Candice.

-If Corbin wins the Money in the Bank match, I might stand closer than 6 feet next to someone.

Until Next Week,

Justin C

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