AEW Dynamite rolled on with the semi finals of the TNT Title Tournament tonight, a no DQ fight between Best Friends and Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc featuring chairs.  We saw a repeat of a match from a few weeks ago with Brodie Lee playing the role of Lance Archer.  And Lou Ferrigno.  Oh, and a real slog of a main event.

Cody defeated Darby Allin to advance to the finals of the TNT Title Tournament

A little over 5 minutes into the match Cody side stepped and threw Darby into Brandi at ringside.  Jericho commented on it being on purpose which you would as a heel commentator, but it actually did appear to maybe be on purpose.  Brandi was very clearly there.  Later in the match he teases hitting Darby with his weight belt also before almost reluctantly giving it to Aubrey.  I am incredibly bored with face Cody so I wish he would do some little moves like this to hint at not being so good, but with the impending Archer feud I gotta believe he just played the role here to make people watching at home root for Darby a little more.

Darby dominated most of this match actually, injuring Cody’s knee early on and continuing to play on it throughout.  Darby is quick throughout this match and was great on the mat, wrapping Cody up in different moves to put the pressure on his knee.  Jericho did a great job putting Darby over in this match, insisting he hand picked him to fight him last year because he knew he’d win but he knew they’d put on a great match.  Jericho is on fire putting the talent over while also putting them down while he’s on commentary. This match was really, really good.  Even Jericho was cheering for Darby by the end.  After Cody unsuccessfully did a coffin drop, Darby did one of his own, but as he pinned Cody, Cody rolled him onto his shoulders and got the pin for himself.  It was a great ending to still continue this push they’re going for with Darby.  It does however make me worried for the outcome of this tournament.

We got a Scorpio Sky video followed by an injury update from MJF who is still better than all of us at home.

Wardlow squashed Musa

Justin tapped on it last week and I think I mentioned it briefly a few weeks ago – there are just too many powerhouse guys squashing people each week.  We have Wardlow, Brodie Lee, and Lance Archer.  I actually like all three guys, and I like giving some random talent a spotlight, but it just seems all too similar.  Musa was impressive for the 10 seconds of offense he got in.

There was a Bubbly Bunch video again where the Inner Circle decided to have a fight through their phones and so we got a montage of passing the punch, quick, or the actions of Lou Ferrigno – a taser.  That’s right – the video included appearance from Lou Ferrigno, Jay and Silent Bob, Chris Jericho’s father and Vickie Guerrero who instead of shouting “Excuse Me” (she whispered it) she yelled “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  It was a fun little segment.

Best Friends (w/Orange Cassidy) defeated Kip Sabian (w/Penelope Ford)  & Jimmy Havoc in a no DQ match

Can Jimmy Havoc only do matches like this?  It’s my own fault for not seeking more of his work out and not knowing the answer.  Orange Cassidy was taken out of the match from ringside early when Havoc tossed a chair at him, and then a lot of this match is a bunch of chair work.  I found this match pretty slow moving actually for a no DQ match.  Almost every move involved a chair outside a couple of ladder spots, and every time Havoc and Sabian would pin they’d both do it instead of looking to the outside for the tag partner which I guess makes sense since they’re not usually a tag team, but it made them look stupid.  Every move just seemed kind of fallen into as well.  The finish came about when Orange returned to take out Sabian and Penelope Ford (forcing Ford to take Sabian out really) and Chuck pinned Havoc on a pile of chairs.

The Britt Baker segment on being a role model this week was great. I was so negative on her and she has been killing it as a heel.  She is obviously way too mean to Tony Schiavone, a real hero.

Shawn Spears defeated Baron Black

I’m a vocal non fan of Shawn Spears so the last thing I need to see is him squashing wrestlers, but this was a decent match.  They played up Spears being too cocky and thinking he’d easily win so for maybe 3 minutes it wasn’t clear it was a squash.  Spears won with a kind of sharp shooter which I do not approve of haha.

Brodie Lee murdered Marko Stunt

In a repeat of an episode we saw a few weeks ago where Lance Archer killed Marko, Brodie Lee was here to finish the job.  I can only imagine we’re only a few weeks out from Wardlow having this same match!  I appreciate Marko’s fight, but there was no doubt this would be the result.

We heard from Jon Moxley who is having a hard time in this quarantine but said that he was heading east and will be on Dynamite on next week.  He also yelled at everyone to call their grandmother so you know, if you’re able to do so I would suggest it!

Lance Archer tore Dustin Rhodes apart in a 2 hour match

This match was basically a beat down for Lance Archer, Dustin was busted open in the first few minutes.  I actually loved watching Archer in NJPW during the G1 last year, and obviously Dustin is a good wrestler but I found this match kind of a slog too.  A lot of the moves lacked any real power.  It went on for a long time with Archer destroying Dustin and Dustin continuing to take punishment, and if you’re asking me it was just a lit…a LOT too long.  Dustin gets in ONE Cross Rhodes with a one count and the match raged on.  It was too long.  Too boring.  It started at 9:35 and I think everyone was staring wide eyed at the time.  QT Marshall came out to throw in the towel with about 2 minutes remaining but Cody stopped him only for Archer to immediately win the match by slamming Dustin’s head…into his own hand.  Oh well.  Cody vs Archer for the TNT Title next week.

This was a  good night though 3 matches really weren’t anything other than showcases for the wrestlers who won.  I suspect that’s good for the wrestlers though so maybe I’m just being a hater.  I also just found the main event way too long.  AEW continues to be a lot less awkward to watch because of the wrestlers at ringside, but I still question if they’re doing the right thing.  Ah well, it’s essential there right?

WATCH THIS MATCH: Cody vs Darby Allin

This was a great match.  Super entertaining and made both guys look good.  I really enjoyed it and I think anyone who likes wrestling would.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Wardlow’s match or Brodie Lee vs Marko Stunt

You can skip either of these because you kind of get what you came for.

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