Dream Matches: Vader vs Tomohiro Ishii

It’s another look into a potential Dream match over here at Hot Tag Wrestling. Last week, we looked at a match between two different personalities in Tetsuya Naito and Macho Man Randy Savage. This week, we look at two wrestlers with very similar styles! It’s a hard hitting matchup as Vader takes on Tomohiro Ishii!


Vader is the best big man in the history of pro wrestling. There are zero questions about that. I will fight you to the death on this. Vader’s agility for a man his size was great. And guess what? His grounded work was just as good. Go and watch Vader lay in punches to people in the corner. Were they a little stiff? Maybe. But Vader always made sure he protected his opponents in the ring. Yes he broke the back of a jobber in WCW. But he helped pay his medical bills that resulted from it. And if you watch it you can clearly tell there was no malicousness.

In Japan, Vader was booked as a superstar. And he found that same success a little in WCW. Then come 1995, he faced the backstage wrath of Hulk Hogan in WCW, then Shawn Michaels in the WWF. Vader should have beat Hogan at least once and he should have beat Shawn Michaels instead of Sid.

Vader’s charisma and agility in the ring gained the fan’s respect. People liked him and it is easy to understand why. Vader’s history in the wrestling business is a strong one and his legend will be passed on for generations.

Tomohiro Ishii

Can you name a bad Tomohiro Ishii match? Because I can’t. Ishii’s matches are a highlight any time he is on a New Japan card. Whenever the G1 takes place, Ishii’s matches are always must see. He had a great match this past G1 with Jon Moxley and another with Shingo Takagi.

The Stone Pitbull has developed a strong following in new Japan. Despite being small in size and 44 years old, Ishii delivers great matches night in and night out. If New Japan was booked like the WWE, Ishii would be a wrestler fans would be clamoring to have a World Title reign. But New Japan is booked differently, and it seems unlikely Ishii would even have a one off Title reign.

Ishii’s hard hitting style is what draws people to him. People often joke that he has no neck given all the bumps that he takes on it. Of course, that is also standard procedure for New Japan.

When you think about it, the styles of Tomohiro Ishii and Vader would work perfectly against each other. It might be the hardest hitting match that I come up with when doing these. So that leaves us with this one question, who would win in this Dream Match? Vote in our poll below!