Justin C’s Week In Review: 4.26.20-5.2.20

Three Stars of the Week

3. Otis

You have to give credit to Otis. He is making everything about this storyline with Mandy Rose work. They haven’t gone over the top with anything so far. Him and Mandy make for a good pairing on TV. And he had a good match with Dolph Ziggler to close Smackdown this past Friday. Could he honestly be the leader to win the Money in the Bank match going into next weekend? It’s possible. But I have gone from not caring about this storyline at all when it started to thinking it is one of the best ones the WWE has going at the moment.

2. Lance Archer

I wasn’t that big of a fan of the actual Archer/Dustin match. But Archer looked good in his match this past week. Archer is coming off as a monster badass that seems unstoppable at this point. Archer staring down Cody in the ring after the match was good. And him leaving Dustin a bloody mess was even better. I was worried about Archer going from New Japan to AEW but so far they have continued booking him the way New Japan has and it has been a plus so far. Archer should win the TNT Championship at Double or Nothing. I wouldn’t have Archer lose any time soon.

1. Sonya Deville

This is two weeks out of three where Sonya Deville claims the Number One Star award. But she continues to nail it after turning on her best friend Mandy Rose. The distraction finish was a bit silly but Sonya’s mic work made it work. Then her beatdown of Mandy after the match was great. Sonya’s expressions throughout the entire beatdown made her look like someone who has completely snapped. Even her expressions when talking to Dolph Ziggler backstage were great. With Liv Morgan, Lacey Evans and now Sonya Deville on the rise, the women’s division in the WWE has a pretty bright future. And Sonya’s work since turning heel shows she should be in line for a push sooner rather than later.

Match of the Week: Darby Allin vs Cody

So here are my thoughts on this match. I thought it was a bit below their first match but still a good match. These two have good chemistry together. But I was not a fan of the finish. Darby hits his finisher and Cody rolls him to his shoulders to pin him. Darby seems completely unaware that his shoulders are down as Cody pins him. Sometimes finishes like that work, but it didn’t for me here. I’ve been harping forever that Darby needs a big win at some point and this could have been it. Darby Allin bumping around for Archer would have been great.

Dud of the Week: Apollo Crews Injury

I would hope that this would lead to something down the line. But this is WWE, so Crews will likely be forgotten in the week ahead. But I thought they were doing a decent job building Crews up recently and I was looking forward to seeing him in the Money in the Bank match with a spotlight on him. But instead they took him out with a knee injury that I would be very surprised if they ever followed up on after. It should lead to another Andrade/Crews match but I am not holding out hope.

Random One Liners

-We better get a damn payoff to this Angel Garza/Charly Carruso stuff.

-It’s a damn shame Drew McIntyre doesn’t have a live audience to do these promos in front of.

-I’m still not sure what the point of this Dexter Lumis push is. Did someone just watch Dexter?

-Dr. Britt Baker has a better success percentage hitting people with her shoe than Sensational Sherri.

-If you are going to give Zelina Vega a group, don’t job them out constantly in their first few weeks.

-The reaction when Io Shirai jobs to Charlotte this week will be something.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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