Dream Matches: Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart

It is another round of Dream Matches over at Hot Tag Wrestling. This week we take a look at a match that might have happened at some point if it was not for a career ending injury to The Hitman. So we will talk about it here as we put Kurt Angle against Bret Hart!

Kurt Angle

Did anyone pick up the world of pro wrestling quicker than Kurt Angle? From his debut. Angle made his WWF debut at Survivor Series 1999 and was WWF Champion by October 2000. Angle looked flawless in the ring. He looked like a season ring veteran and not someone who had just made their debut less than a year earlier.

As the years went on Angle showed his comedic side as well. Everyone loved those classic Austin/Angle skits in 2001. Then he changed back to an intense wrestler persona that the crowd would refuse to boo. He was cheered over Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania and John Cena during their feud. There was really nothing Angle couldn’t do. Name a wrestler from his time period and you can find a great match Angle had with him.

Kurt Angle is a four time WWF Champion, a grand slam winner, an Olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer. It is a shame his body broke down as the years went on. But it is important to remember what Angle brought to the ring in the early part of his career. Angle accomplished so much from the start. That is something you would not see nowadays.

Bret Hart

The Excellence of Execution earned his name for a reason. Bret Hart worked circles around everyone in the ring during his time period. Bret Hart could go out there and tell a story in the ring like no one else could during his time. Bret had classic matches with the likes of Undertaker, Diesel and Shawn Michaels in the mid 90s. Bret also elevated his brother Owen in the eyes of many during their year long feud in 1994.

We all know what happened in Montreal. Bret went to WCW and never had the run many people envisioned. Some people will say Bret didn’t have the same passion for wrestling after Montreal. I’ll argue that it was obvious from the beginning that WCW had no clear plan for Bret and he was being held down by certain people in WCW cough*HOGAN*cough.

Bret’s career ended in early 2000 after a bad kick to the head from Goldberg. Now I don’t know if the fences could have been mended in 2000/2001 between Bret and the WWF. But if they were, could you imagine a match between Angle and Bret during that time period had Bret not been hurt? I would have loved to see that.

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