Here we are, day 782 of quarantine and AEW is still going strong.  For some reason Jim Ross was back tonight so nobody be excited to hear more Chris Jericho on commentary.  I know Chris had a match tonight, but just give us Tony and Excalbur (who was also back tonight, a better choice).  We were also outside tonight, coming at us from the Jaguars stadium.  They did mention during the first match that everyone at the show had been tested, so I suppose that’s one nice thing to put out there.  Especially because there are A LOT of people ringside tonight.

Cody defeated Joey Janela

I don’t think I’ve said this out loud yet though I know pretty much everyone else has, but Cody’s tattoo is awful. Everytime I look at it I just shake my head a lot.  If Jericho had been on commentary tonight he probably would have put Joey Janela over a little bit, but instead because good ol JR is back he kind of rambled on a lot and we had to deal with it.  Excalibur and Tony tried gosh darnit.  This match was alright.  I dunno if I am totally behind Janela and I don’t always think Cody puts on the best matches if the other person isn’t awesome.  Janela did one of those run from the entrance way spots but got caught by Cody and these spots always look stupid.  They never look like they’re actually moving full speed or causing any damage.  Stop them.  It went over 15 minutes – too long and Cody won it with a Cross Rhodes.

Nyla Rose defeated Kenzie Page

Nyla did a quick interview with Tony before this but it was basically just demeaning him.  Poor Tony.  Then she killed an 18 year old named Kenzie.

MJF had a video promo and then was also ringside after a weird Shawn Spears promo where he’s still calling out Cody.   I just realized how annoying it is that so many people are after Cody who is obviously not getting any extra attention for running this company.  Lance Archer came in looking for Cody.  MJF worked with only to turn on Cody.  Shawn Spears cut a promo on Cody and is still looking for another fight against him.  Who cares?  Cody isn’t even a champion.  It’s almost as if he has a huge stake in this company.

Jon Moxley defeated Frankie Kazarian

I’m glad to see Frankie Kazarian wrestling though I find it kind of a knock at him that he was in the mid show match against the champion when he’s definitely a viable opponent.  This was a good match but I found myself kind of on the outskirts of loving it.  I didn’t have any thought that Kazarian would win, though the wrestling was great as you’d expect.  It was a shorter match that Janela/Cody which is dumb.  Mox won with the paradigm shift.

Following the match Moxley was attacked by the Dark Order and Brodie Lee so at least he’s not also after Cody.  Brodie Lee told Mox he has something he wants and he’s not the same guy he knew before.  I found this promo more entertaining than the match and that bothers me.  I should have paid more attention.  Mox said all Brodie had to do was ask but they still beat him down after.  Brodie Lee walked off with the belt.

Brandi had a video promo where she responds to Jake Roberts trying to intimidate Cody by going through her.  She said it isn’t 1991 anymore and she’ll go after him back.  She also said she is the CBO of AEW and he should keep her name out of his mouth.

Lance Archer murdered QT Marshall

Jake Roberts was back with Archer tonight so it makes sense that promo aired before this.  He had a mask on – the only person I’ve seen with a mask during these things at all.  However, not too long into the match it was already off.  I say not too long but this match was anything but that.  I get they’re trying to get QT Marshall some time, but what are we doing here.  This match was almost as long as the Moxley match we saw before it.  No thanks.  Archer won with a claw pinning Marshall down by his head.

After the match Jake had the mask back on – again briefly – and brought a snake into the ring to drape over Brandi who got taken out by Britt Baker after the match – probably retribution for Brandi stealing Britt’s shoe and throwing it into the stands!  Jake also spread himself over Brandi’s body in a suggestive pose – mask down – and I did not appreciate that.  Cody who is of course backstage made no appearance during this.

Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara defeated Broken Matt Hardy (Damascus) & Kenny Omega in a Street Fight

Well this was definitely a street fight, Jericho brought a bat and everyone was wearing their street clothes.  Except for Broken Matt Hardy who was wearing the same pants he got at Hot Topic in 1999.  This match was alright.  It’s clear they’re trying to appeal to the fans by doing these street fights, but I really don’t still need to see Matt Hardy jumping off ladders.  I find it hard to describe matches like this so I’ll tell you they had ladders, chairs, fighting through the…well what was kind of a crowd (I saw kids there…) and into the backstage area.  Matt Hardy was locked in an ice chest at one point.  The match was a lot of fun – definitely the match of the night and didn’t feel like a slog at all.  Matt Hardy escaped from the ice chest but is no longer Broken – he was his alter ego Damascus.  He stole a golf cart which he had some trouble starting but after collecting Kenny Omega he ran down Jericho (who he missed) and Sammy who he…did not really miss.  It did look like Sammy dove into the cart but it was pretty wild.  My favorite part was Matt’s hair flying in the wind as he drove.  Kenny dove off a lift.  Hager got too involved power bombing Hardy through a table and Kenny on top of the golf cart.  I told you – wild.  Jericho and Guevara won after the power bombs and a Judas Effect on Omega which is…weird.  I would have thought Hardy wins his first AEW match but ah well.


Well, I didn’t think this night matched previous weeks, but the ending was a ton of fun.  If you’re only going to watch part if this, turn it on at 9:30 and just watch the street fight.  The other matches didn’t hit the right notes for me, but people did seem to enjoy Mox/Kazarian so by all means check that out too.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Kenny Omega & Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

I don’t always love these matches, but this one was a lot of fun.  It wasn’t too long, which is what usually drags them down and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun.  Matt Hardy stealing the golf cart, having trouble starting it, then having his hair blowing in the wind was definitely the most amusing part.

SKIP THIS MATCH:  Lance Archer vs QT Marshall

You can want to watch a Lance Archer match, but the aftermath and Jake Roberts draping himself over Brandi really annoyed me.  I wouldn’t suggest anyone watch this.  I’m not a prude by any means, but a dirty old man doing that to a woman rubs me the wrong way.  Whatever.

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