NXT Hits and Misses 5.6.20 w/ The Chairman

NXT this week featured two championship matches. Adam Cole defends the NXT Championship against Velveteen Dream and Charlotte Flair defends the NXT Women’s Championship against Io Shirai. On top of that we got Johnny Gargano taking on Dominik Dijakovic and the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett. It’s almost a mini Takeover so let’s break it down.


HIT: Dijakovic Goes Down to One Final Beat

The transformation of Johnny Gargano is complete because now he has new theme music. Candice accompanied him to ringside for his clash against Dijakovic. Nice to see Dijakovic finally getting a new opponent after feuding with the likes of Keith Lee and Damian Priest for months. This was one of those matches you never thought about, but are happy that it happened. Gargano sure enough tried cheap tactics to steal the win from the more physical Dijakovic. Gargano’s ring awareness proved dividends here as he exposed the turnbuckle and sent Dijakovic crashing head first into it. This set up the One Final Beat and gave Johnny Wrestling another win to kick off this episode of NXT.


MISS: The Gentleman Meets Tozawa 

I was excited for this cruiserweight tournament at first, but now it’s starting to lose steam. Personally I just can’t get into some of these matches. We were spoiled when Angel Garza and Lio Rush were tearing the house down. Here is another match I just didn’t care about. Tozawa remains undefeated by knocking off Gallagher and calls out El Hijo de Phantasma who’s Tozawa’s next opponent.


MISS: Chelsea Green Makes Quick Work of Xia Li

It felt like NXT was trying to cram this two hour show with everything they possibly could and that’s not a good thing when they’re already advertising two major title matches. Xia Li who has somewhat had a brief minor push just got absolutely squashed by Chelsea Green. Of course Li’s nemesis Aliyah caused the critical distraction to assist Green so this never ending feud appears to be continuing. It also seems like NXT wants to push and feature Chelsea Green, but they really haven’t done her any justice with the short matches. I’d like to see Green in a program against a more established NXT star.


HIT: Karrion Kross and Scarlett Arrival

Karrion Kross could very well have one of the coolest entrances in wrestling today. That was awesome. I’m not all that familiar with Karrion Kross (Killer Kross), but know alot of folks were excited for this signing. He absolutely destroyed his opponent and locked him in the Kross Jacket to end it quickly. Killer Kross has a great look and presence and I think there are big things in his future. Especially if they’re starting him with Tommaso Ciampa which is the talk right now.


HIT: Charlotte Defends the Gold Against Io 

One of the most anticipated matches since Charlotte Flair became NXT Women’s Champion was set. Charlotte took on Io Shirai and while it was good, the circumstances definitely hurt this one at the same time. Charlotte of course opted to use a kendo stick to get disqualified giving Io Shirai the win, but of course not the title. Charlotte went on a post match attack only to be stopped by a returning Rhea Ripley. Imagine the pop from the crowd this return would’ve got, but again circumstances prevented that. One could argue they could’ve saved Ripley for possible returns to live crowds, but one could argue Rhea’s popularity was over the top going into Wrestlemania and if she would’ve been held off television any longer she could’ve cooled off dramatically. Io of course didn’t appreciate Rhea’s help and the two got into an altercation ringside and backstage. Clearly Rhea and Io both have a right to challenge Charlotte next for the title and they just might destroy each other to get that right.


MISS: Kushida Makes Quick Work of Atlas

Again as I said earlier, the crusierweight tournament is losing it’s momentum and this match didn’t help. Atlas looked really good in his match against Drake Maverick a few weeks ago, but this match didn’t get any time at all. Kushida just made quick work of the newcomer to remain undefeated. Kushida remains the heavy favorite to win this tournament and hopefully NXT doesn’t do something else because Kushida is definitely deserving of that right.


HOLD: Grimes Crosses Pathes With the Prince

At first when I seen Cameron Grimes squash somebody in a match, I just questioned all of it because I was concerned weren’t getting enough time for Cole and Dream. NXT clearly is stuffing material into this episode. Finn Balor of course moments earlier said he was on the hunt for whoever attacked him backstage. Grimes cut a promo after his squash saying he’d take Balor out if he was here right now. Balor of course came back out and attacked Grimes setting up their match for next week.


HIT: Cole and Dream NXT Championship Match

While I’m happy these two finally got their NXT Championship match, I wasn’t happy with the time allotted for it. NXT could’ve easily cut three or four segments to give this match and Charlotte verses Io the time they deserved. The ultimate question was whether or not Cole would lose the title here to Dream or not? Cole had the upper hand in the early portion of the match, but Dream made his comeback. When Dream seemed to have Cole beat, Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish made their presence known. Dexter Lumis emerged from under the ring and held them off. Dream then leaped to the outside to take out the Undisputed Era. However when he returned to the ring Adam Cole was waiting and hit the Last Shot to retain his title. With this victory, Cole will more than likely reach a full year as NXT Champion. One has to wonder if Dream will get another title shot due to the shenanigans of Undisputed Era or if Dream’s time in NXT is coming to an end? I truly think if we wouldn’t be living in the pandemic era we are right now, Dream would’ve beat Cole at NXT Takeover Tampa and Undisputed Era would be on Raw or Smackdown right now. I also made a bold prediction at the start of the year Adam Cole was going to win Money in the Bank. That is all out the window now of course now, but now we’ll have to sit back and see what’s next for Cole and Dream. The real question though is why is Dexter Lumis constantly going after Undisputed Era?


That concludes this weeks episode of NXT. Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher will put the NXT Tag Team Championship on the line against Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel and mentioned earlier Finn Balor takes on Cameron Grimes. Thanks for reading.