WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (May 8th) (Orlando Florida)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with Mandy Rose warms up backstage as Otis meets with her for support and gets a kiss. Sonya does shadow boxing a Dolph hypes her up.

Match 1:Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville
Mandy hits the V Trigger right away, follows with strikes and then ground and pound. Sonya powders as Mandy favors her inured leg Sonya attacks with knee strikes, and then starts working the leg and then ground things, talking some shit. Sonya rips off her lashes and then goes back to the leg. Sonya delivers body kicks, but Mandy fires up and dumps her. They brawl on the floor, she slams Sonya to the steps and then over the announce table. Back in and Sonya counters the V Trigger into a cradle for the win.Winner:Sonya Deville

We see highlights of Lucha House Party beating Miz & Morrison two weeks ago.

Match 2 8 Man Tag Team Match:Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day (c) & Lucha House Party vs Forgotten Sons & The Miz & John Morrison
Kofi & Miz begin, locking up and working into counters until Kofi fights out of the heel corner and they all brawl and the faces clear the ring as they hit dives. Post break and the heels have isolated Big E. Big E quickly battles back, dumps Cutler and Kofi tags in as double teams follow for 2. Kofi follows wit a dropkick and he and Big E follow with splashes as the Luchas work double teams for 2. Kofi & Metalik then work double teams, Kofi then gets cut off as Miz tags in. Miz & Morrison work double teams, running knee by Morrison and that gets 2. The heels follow with quick tags, continuing to isolate Kofi. Kofi battles back, and Blake hits a dive to wipe out Kofi. Post break and Miz is working over Kofi as Morrison tags back in, covering for 2. The heels continue with quick tags and double teams until Kofi dumps Blake and fights but the heels cutoff the tag and slam Big E to the steps. SOS to Miz and Metalik tags in, runs wild and Dorado tags in and takes out the Sons. The double golden rewind follows and it breaks down. The Luchas run wild as the moonsault and shooting star press get 2. The Sons take over, Kofi dumps Blake and double teams follow as Miz dumps Big E. The Sons hit their finish to Big E on the floor and Metalik Is dumped as Morrison cuts off Dorado and Starship Pain follows Miz in and Dorado hits the poison RANA, but Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale for the win.Winners:Forgotten Sons & The Miz & John Morrison

Corbin cuts a promo about Money In The Bank, with more threats of throwing guys of the building, and running down his opponents.

Renee Young welcomes back Jeff Hardy. Jeff is asked what he has left to prove, and he says he’s had high highs and low lows, and Sheamus is backstage not giving a fuck and mocking him. Jeff missed the fans, but can still hear them and asks them to stick with him for one more good run in WWE. Sheamus arrives and says this is sad, calling Jeff an adrenaline junkie. No one cares about Jeff anymore, but no one will tell him that. The fans loved Jeff, but are tired of his suspensions, releases, no shows, and wasted second chances. Sheamus says he’s not a hater, he used to be fan, but wonders how many false comeback there will be before we realize he really isn’t coming back. The next failure is around the corner, everyone knows this but Jeff. He’s here to snuff out weak flames and he will extinguish Jeff’s. They brawl, whisper in the wind by Jeff and the twist of fate follows as does the swanton.

Braun says Bray didn’t create him and that that Bray was threatened by him. He calls out Bray and he arrives. Bray hates that it came to this, he just wanted an apology and Braun refuses. Braun says Bray will be sorry on Sunday. Bray says he cares about him, he knows his creation well and what is best for Braun. Bray wants him to come home, so that he can show him how to be special, and needs to take the title from him to do so. Braun again says Bray doesn’t knows him and that he will end it on Sunday. Bray hands him the black sheep mask, the puppets talk, and Braun says he is home as the universal champion. On Sunday, he will keep it while Bray plays with his puppets. That was certainly a segment.

Bryan & Gulak meet with Otis.

Match 4 Tag Team Match:Boss N Anti Hug Connection vs Lacey Evans & Tamina
Tamina attacks at the bell, and the heels powder. back inand Bayley attacks, gets cut off and Tamina hits a slam. The corner splash follows, Bayley cut s her off and tags in Banks. Double teams follow, Banks takes control and Bayley joins back in. Tamina runs them together, and the heels powder. Lacey stops them from leaving and takes out Banks. Back in and Tamina dumps Bayley. Post break and Lacey is working over Banks. The slingshot elbow follows, but Bayley distracts her on the Merosault as Banks cuts her off. Bayley tags in and double teams follow for 2. They work quick tags, more double teams and beat down Lacey until she rolls for the tag. Tamina takes out banks on the floor, attacks Bayley and back in, strolls mildly as she tosses Bayley around. The corner ass attack follows and Tamina heads up top, Banks distracts her and Bayley follows her up gets knocked off and the splash eats knees. Bayley to belly follows, and the top rope elbow drop connects for 2. It breaks down, and the Tamina superkick and Samoan drop finishes it.Winners:Lacey Evans & Tamina

They hype Money In The Bank on Sunday as we get a tour of WWE HQ.

Dana & Carmella comment on possibly winning Money In The Bank.

Main Event 6 Man Tag Team Match:Artist Collective & King Corbin vs Drew Gulak,Daniel Bryan & Otis
Bryan & Corbin begin, as Bryan grounds things and lays in ground and pound. Gulak tags in, gets cut off by Corbin but battles back with a dropkick. Corbin powders and Cesaro tags in, Cesaro follows with tackles but Gulak counters into a powerslam for 2. Nak helps cut him off as Cesaro hits the gut wrench for 2. Nak tags in, grounding things until Otis tags in and runs wild. OH YEAH. The corner splash connects as the caterpillar follows. He takes out Cesaro, and the faces clear the ring. Post break and Corbin is working the heat on Bryan. Bryan manages to take out the knee, Cesaro in and Gulak joins him. Gulak fires way with strikes, lays the boots to Cesaro and hits an XPLODER. Cesaro cuts him off with uppercuts, until Gulak counters into a crossface/chicken wing combo. Cesaro powers out and gets dumped. Corbin tagged in and the Gu-lock follows until Nak makes the save. It breaks down, bodies to the floor and Gulak hits the flying clothesline for 2. Otis gets posted, Nak cuts off Bryan and Corbin hits deep six for the win.Winners:Artist Collective & King Corbin

After the match,everyone is brawling with King Corbin standing on the top of the ladder