WWE Money in the Bank 5.10.20: 5 Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Is It Time For Another Brief Lashley Push?

For a second we were actually going to get a MVP/R-Truth match on a PPV in 2020. Lashley then came out and took MVP’s spot and squashed Truth in a couple minutes. It seems like we are once again going to have to deal with a Lashley push on RAW. My question is why. Since he has come back, we have seen one push as a face and one as a heel. Both of them have not worked out. He never got to the very top as a face and he was super awkward when he got paired up with Lana. But Lashley has to put together a string of wins the past few weeks so it looks like it is time to start the Lashley train again. But I have never been a Lashley fan. He can’t cut a promo and has almost zero personality. There are so many better options on RAW. I don’t get the obsession with trying to do stuff with Lashley every couple months.

2. How Long Can They Hold Off On Sasha vs Bayley?

I think the WWE has done a good job of holding off on pulling the trigger on this program. But at some point, you have to do it. The question is when. I don’t know who else the WWE can go to for a feud with Bayley. Do they go back to Alexa Bliss? Can they keep going to Lacey Evans? I personally think Evans will be the one to eventually trigger the program to start. It is just a matter of when. But the longer they stretch this out the more it has an opportunity to back fire on them like the last time they tried it did. Again, I wish they would have a crowd to do this in front of so we could see who the crowd would get behind. But the female talent on Smackdown for Bayley to feud with is running thin.

3. Does This Really Help Bray Wyatt?

On the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast I was the only person to pick Bray Wyatt to regain the Universal Championship. I of course was wrong as Braun defeated Bray to retain the Championship. My question: Does Bray losing here make things any different because we are going to get him as The Fiend next? It’s a dumb card to play that Funhouse Bray lost so now he has to go to The Fiend. Especially when Braun beat him clean and made Bray look stupid in the process by believing Braun was rejoining him. But it is okay because The Fiend will take care of things next month or something. There is zero consistency with Bray’s character after a good start. Of course we can blame Goldberg for all of that. But in typical WWE fashion what was once a good thing has now been butchered.

4. Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins Delivers

It is a shame that this match couldn’t take place in front of a live crowd. I really enjoyed it. Both guys went out there and busted their ass. McIntyre showed that he can go in the ring if anyone still had any doubts. And Rollins is capable of putting on good match after good match. Rollins getting pinned clean was kind of surprising. No Murphy interference. No shenanigans. McIntyre just went over strong. It’ll be interesting to see the path they take with McIntyre next. I would assume they don’t go back to Rollins since he lost clean. And what do they do with Rollins now as well? A really great match that you should go out of your way to see.

5. Getting It Half Right

So, when it comes to the Money in the Bank match. I thought there were some funny spots. The John Laurinaitis appearance got a pop out of me. Vince looks like shit even in a pre tape. It wasn’t as good as either of the Wrestlemania dramatic matches but still had its moments. When it comes to the winners, I have no problem with Asuka winning. She has been one of the better parts of RAW since the empty arena stuff started. I was pulling for Lacey Evans but have no issue with Asuka winning. When it comes to the men, I am not sure about Otis. He’s a fine comedy act. But is he World Champion material? The answer to me right now is no. I just don’t see it. He can’t go far as a singles wrestler in my opinion. And that ending was really dumb. Why would AJ fumble the briefcase with gloves on?

OVERALL: The first half of the show was meh. I couldn’t get into the tag match. The women’s match wasn’t good and you know my thoughts on the Braun/Bray stuff/ McIntyre/Rollins was very good any is up there for WWE Match of the Year at this point. The Money in the Bank matches were fine for what they were. And the best part is the show only lasted 2 and half hours if you didn’t watch the preshow. I would give the show a 5/10 if you asked me.

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