Becky Lynch Announces She Is Pregnant, Asuka Is Now RAW Women’s Champion

News of Becky Lynch making a major announcement tonight on RAW was first reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. Rumors started to trickle in during the day, but nothing was confirmed until the opening segment of RAW.

Becky Lynch started the show with Asuka’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Becky said that last night’s match was not for a future Title shot, but actually for the RAW Women’s Championship. And with Asuka winning, she is now the RAW Women’s Champion.

So of course, why would the match be for the Title? Well Becky cleared that up immediately after.

Justin C’s Take: First off congratulations to Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins! We look forward to their child main eventing Wrestlemania 67.

I thought they handled this as perfectly as possible. From a wrestling storyline standpoint it made sense. Becky being gone is going to give a lot of women on the RAW side of things a chance to step up.