WWE Raw Review – 5.11.20

The first Raw after a pay-per-view always feels like a clean slate to me. A chance for new feuds to begin, and other feuds to start a new chapter.

That’s why when Asuka won Money in the Bank last night, I was looking forward to her interaction with Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch.

However, Lynch came to the ring with Asuka’s MITB briefcase in hand and had a rather serious look on her face.

From the start, Lynch was choking up while talking, first stating that she’s about to go through a lot of changes.

Becky then spoke about coming here in 2013, not knowing anyone would care about her, but it is the fans who always had her back.

Lynch was interrupted by Asuka, who stormed to the ring. Becky quickly explained that Asuka did not win the MITB briefcase, she won the Raw Women’s Championship last night.

The reason why Lynch went to the powers that be and changed the match was that… she’s expecting a child! Lynch and Asuka share an incredibly emotional moment.

With Becky now out due to pregnancy and Charlotte busy with NXT, this looks to be Asuka’s division to run for the foreseeable future.

Bobby Lashley vs. Humberto Carrillo: 

After an uplifting moment to begin the show, things turned serious in a hurry when Lashley made his way to the ring to battle Carrillo in a no disqualification match.

Lashley wasted little time grabbing a chair, but Humberto was waiting for him, landing a dropkick off the apron.

Back from the break, Carrillo was running wild, as he connected with another dropkick and later hit an enzuigiri. However, Lashley would catch Humberto and rammed him into the ring post, ouch!

Though Carrillo was able to fight back briefly with a steel chair, Lashley caught Carrillo and locked in a full nelson for a submission win.

Angel Garza vs. Akira Tozawa: 

Just a few weeks ago, it looked like Zelina Vega’s stable was going to run roughshod over Raw. But since then, they’ve had their fair share of problems.

This week the four members were in an argument backstage, and after the commercial break, Garza and Tozawa were in the middle of a match.

Garza won the match in no time, but interestingly enough, stared in Austin Theory’s direction as he hit the wing clipper and said he could do this “all day,” which happens to be Theory’s catchphrase.

Vega’s stable continued to argue post-match until Drew McIntyre came out to crash the party. He delivered a Claymore kick to both Garza and Theory before challenging Andrade to a match.

Champion vs. Champion: 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Andrade take on McIntyre, as last month these two did battle on Raw. The WWE champion was clicking on all cylinders early on, as he landed quite a few thunderous chops to Andrade.

The tide turned after Andrade hid under the ring and then attacked McIntyre’s arm, throwing it into the ring post and then landed a baseball slide to Drew’s ribs.

Andrade was not able to do much, though, as Drew would go on an offensive flurry. McIntyre would start with a pair of suplexes and followed it up with a big boot and a diving lariat.

Though Andrade briefly fought back, Drew rebounded with a Glasgow kiss and a reverse Alabama Slam. This led the champion to connect with a Claymore Kick for a win.

The United States champion needs to hit the reset button at this point because his stock is getting lower by week. As for McIntyre, his stock continues to soar!

After the match, Drew announced a brand to brand invitation. This means a Smackdown superstar is headed to Raw to face the champion. And shockingly enough… it’s King Corbin coming to face Drew.

Just what the fans wanted to see, more Baron Corbin in the main event picture.

An Iconic Moment of Bliss: 

The Women’s tag champions are back on TV! However, their shoutout to Becky Lynch gets cut short by a returning team…

The IIconics are back! I know they aren’t for everyone, but I find the Aussie duo entertaining. They were upset a baby was stealing their thunder and didn’t beat around the bush. The IIconics want a match!

The ensuing match wasn’t very long, but the IIconics showed little ring rust despite their 7-month hiatus. Their new-look finisher was impressive!

Are they the best wrestlers, no. But they have in-ring talent obviously, and pairing that with their entertaining nature makes them one of the best true tag teams in WWE.

This victory over the current Women’s tag team champions may get them a title match down the line. Anyway, something needs to be done to elevate the Women’s tag team division at this point.

Six-Man tag team action: 

After Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink defeated Ricochet and Cedric Alexander last week, R-Truth and MVP joined the mayhem.

Late in the match, things broke down on the outside, and Ricochet took everyone out with a kickflip moonsault off the ring post. Back in the ring, Truth managed to pick up the win by pinning MVP.

However, Bobby Lashley ruined the moment by coming out to spear Truth. Lashley looks to have a new voice in his corner, and with MVP, this could be the best pairing Lashley has had on WWE TV.

Mysterio/Black vs. Rollins/Murphy:

Seth Rollins made his way to the ring, looking disheveled, and like he had seen a ghost.

Early on, Murphy reached out several times to make a tag, but Rollins didn’t flinch. But going into the commercial break, Murphy drop kicked Aleister Black into the post.

Back from the break, Mysterio tagged in and lit up Murphy with a seated senton and then a springboard crossbody. He then dove off the apron and connected with hesdscissors, which sent Murphy into the barricade.

Throughout the match, Rey couldn’t help but look over at Rollins, who was still frozen on the outside. Later on in the match, Mysterio was whipped into the corner, and he then knocked Rollins off the apron.

This appeared to wake up Seth, and he caught Rey on his 619 attempt and caused a disqualification. Rollins then attacked the eye of Mysterio and yelled at Murphy to stay back.

Seth then forced his eye into the corner of the steel steps, causing it to bleed. But after the break, Rollins went to apologize to Mysterio, saying he doesn’t know what happened out there.

This is yet another new wrinkle in Seth’s character, seemingly having an unhinged/unpredictable side to him after losing his WWE Championship opportunity to Drew McIntyre.

I’m not sure where Rollins goes from here, but I’m interested to see what happens with this new attitude Rollins seems to have.

We’re playing basketball: 

The Street Profits took up the Viking Raiders on their offer of “anything you can do, we can do better.” But it didn’t involve a wrestling match, it was a basketball game.

The Profits ran all over the Viking Raiders, winning 74-2! This didn’t accomplish much, but it was rather entertaining.

Shayna vs. Natalya:

Shayna Baszler spent the night berating Becky Lynch and motherhood, so Natalya was out to teach her a lesson. Though Baszler made a good point, what does Natalya know about motherhood?

Anyways, I expected a quick match that Baszler would win with ease. However, Nattie put up a bit of a fight. But in the end, Shayna connected with a knee strike to Nattie’s face, and this allowed her to pick up the win.

Baszler has to go for the newly crowned Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, right? It would be the two longest-reigning NXT women’s champions doing battle, sign me up.

Edge vs. Orton part two?

Edge wants to know what’s next, and he knows Wrestlemania is not the end. He then says he is not hunting the Viper anymore, he got his closure, and he’s ready to move on…

But Randy Orton interrupts the Rated R superstar and initially says congratulations, the better man won. As Orton walked off, he appeared to have second thoughts.

Randy came back and said he tried to be the bigger man, and while he said the better man won, the better wrestler didn’t win. Orton also said it didn’t take him nine years to get back on his feet.

Orton says the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania were not typical matches, and he doesn’t think Edge has it in him anymore. His passion and grit won’t help him now.

Orton thinks the story writes itself, and if Edge has the guts, then at Backlash, it’ll be him and Orton in a straight-up wrestling match.

Edge doesn’t give an answer despite Charly Carusso butting in and asking for one. Other than this unnecessary interruption by Carusso, I thought this was a fantastic promo segment.

Since WWE starting doing shows with no fans a couple of months ago, this Raw strikes me as one of their better no-fan shows. The show kicked off with a great, heartfelt moment where Becky Lynch relinquished her title and announced she was pregnant.

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley both had great showings over worthy competitors, while the IIconics made their re-debut after seven months.

It was good to see Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio were okay, but that whole thrown off the roof storyline seemed a bit rushed to me. Baszler establishing her dominance again was good over a solid opponent in Nattie, and Edge vs. Orton part two will likely be the main draw for Payback next month.

Overall I thought the show was well-paced, but where was Liv Morgan?

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.