Another week of AEW wrestling!  There were a LOT of people in the crowd tonight and while I know they’re doing a lot of testing it seems like way too many.  Having just the few ringside was making up for the lack of it in WWE for me.  I’m feeling slightly under the weather so this will be a, thankfully for whoever uses this to catch up on the week’s show, shorter recap.

The show kicked off with Lance Archer manhandling a guy from backstage and then Jake Roberts being 1990’s Jake Roberts with comments about what a woman like Brandi is good for.  I’m not easily offended and if it was a good promo I imagine I’d have a different view of it, but well, it wasn’t.  Cody revved the engine of his truck nearby before driving about 10 feet and softly hitting a barricade that really prevented him from getting to Archer quicker.  I wonder if anyone watched this and thought it WAS intense.  They got into a scuffle that Archer definitely won.

Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy defeated Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus w/Marko Stunt

Best Friends won after Chucky T dropped Jungle Boy onto a ring post and followed up with a pile driver – even as Rey Fenix attacked Orange Cassidy on the outside and distracted Trent.  Afterwards Wardlow attacked Marko Stunt because if you’re a big man this is a necessity.  It probably has more to do with MJF fighting Jungle Boy at the upcoming Double or Nothing.

The match was fun and I do wish that AEW would give more attention to their tag division.  They ran a promo on it and pretended they do, but I still think the teams are getting lost in the shuffle.  I sound like a broken record, but having your champs be two non tag team wrestlers (as great as they are) doesn’t help my perception of them caring about tag team.

Hikaru Shida defeated Penelope Ford & Britt Baker & Kris Statlander

Hikaru pinned Penelope Ford while Britt held Statlander in the lockjaw on the outside.  I guess she didn’t want the win.

I do like the AEW women’s division, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a structure here either.  They have the rankings which is great, but I’m pretty sure Hikaru Shida won a #1 Contenders match a few weeks ago in a 4 way, and here we are again.  I know they want to show the women off – but why not just have a couple of women’s matches on the show instead of sticking them all in one?  Haha I know what a dumb question.

Jim Ross made a dumb comment here about how all women hate each other because man this show loves to let old men say stupid things about women.

Matt Hardy & Kenny Omega defeated Santana & Ortiz

Despite Sammy Guevara coming out in a neck brace with a chair to distract Matt Hardy and failing, Kenny and Matt get the win.  Of Course.

I enjoy watching Santana and Ortiz.  They’re an awesome tag team.  They should not be losing to a team that isn’t normally a team.  I really feel strongly about this as it isn’t even in the first time I brought it up in this post.  I obviously enjoy watching Kenny Omega as well, but I don’t like that he’s stuck in the tag team division.  I feel like they’re trying to not take focus off of Cody or Moxley so they had to stick Kenny somewhere else.  I don’t actually know if it’s a horrible play I just want tag teams to be tag teams.  I know Matt Hardy or Damascus or whatever isn’t his normal partner but we do see more Kenny in tag team action than anything else.

Taz did a backstage interview with Darby Allin where he knows nothing about him and offended him.  Darby seems to be headed in the heel direction which is silly because people love this dude.

Backstage Lexi was interviewing Shida when Nyla interrupted with the best part of the show so far telling Shida she found her kendo sticking after whacking her in the head with it.

MJF defeated Lee Johnson

MJF came back to get an easy victory over the AEW jobber of the week.  I do like that they’re giving work to some of these indie wrestlers during this pandemic.  He then talked about Jungle Boy and back to Cody because Cody hasn’t been mentioned enough yet.

Chris Jericho defeated Suge D

I won’t call him Pineapple Pete because I feel like this poor guy is never losing it now.  He had about 20 seconds of good offense on Jericho before he got taken out by a Judas Effect.

Afterwards Jericho called out the Elite again to fight The Inner Circle in a Stadium Stampede match…Well alright.  Vanguard One appeared then to taunt Jericho with the T Shirt it stole from him a couple weeks ago.  Vanguard One accepted the match on the behalf of the Elite even though Matt Hardy is not in the Elite.  Jericho and the rest then beat down Vanguard One with a baseball bat.  Matt Hardy was devastated.

Brodie Lee defeated Christopher Daniels

It’s pretty wonderful to get to see a Brodie Lee/Christopher Daniels match.   I’m going to suggest you watch the women’s match, but really you should always watch a Christopher Daniels match.  It’s great Brodie Lee is kicking out of finishers at 1 but I wish it wasn’t at the expense of Daniels.  Still – made him look good.  Brodie is just so good at looking intimidating.

Brodie has Dasha presenting him as the self proclaimed AEW champion since he has the belt.  After the match Moxley attacks but Brodie Lee just shoves his followers in front of him and leaves.  Mox cuts a promo after and says Brodie Lee has made a mistake coming for him.  I gotta imagine Brodie wins that match though.


Hikaru Shida vs Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander vs Penelope Ford

Support the women after they weird stuff said about them by weird old men tonight.


MJF vs Lee Johnson

The MJF match is skippable.  The stuff after Jericho and Suge’s match made it worth while.

Happy wrestling!  Live your best lives this week.  Find me @HM_Pufnstuf!