NXT Hits and Misses 5.13.20 w/ The Chairman

This episode of NXT featured a NXT Tag Team Championship match, a fallout of a NXT tag team, the mystery attacker of Finn Balor is revealed, and a big announcement from Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Let’s break down NXT this week.


HIT: Imperium Challenges Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher For the Gold

Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher put the NXT Tag Team titles on the line against Imperium’s Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel after their confrontation last week. The match was solid, but the story here is the fallout of Riddle and Thatcher. Riddle accidentally knocked Thatcher off the apron and Thatcher had enough of Riddle and left him in the middle of the match. Riddle tried to fight off Imperium long as he could, but the odds were against him. The uppercut/powerbomb combination of Aichner and Barthel put an end to Riddle and his run as a NXT Tag Team Champion. Riddle went after Thatcher backstage and the two men brawled. William Regal granted Riddle a one on one match later in the evening against Thatcher where Thatcher again attacked Riddle backstage. Imperium meanwhile are the new NXT Tag Team Champions and it will be interesting to see who challenges them considering Riddle and Thatcher won’t be teaming up anytime soon. Wonder what Stallion Pete is thinking?


HOLD: The Shiniest Wizard Takes Out Newcomer

Tegan Nox was in action against Indy Hartwell. Hartwell is another newcomer to NXT and while she only had a few minutes to showcase what she could do, I think she has potential. She has a great look and went toe to toe with Tegan before she fell victim to the Shiniest Wizard. Tegan of course trying to standout in a stacked women’s division and we’ll have to see what is next for her unless the powers to be decide she needs another tassle with Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez?


MISS: Nese Goes Winless in Tournament

Tony Nese was winless in the Cruiserweight tournament and his last chance to get a win and play spoiler was against newcomer Jake Atlas. Atlas looked fantastic in this match again, but it was quick one. Atlas with the Rainbow DDT put an end to Nese. Tony Nese definitely deserves better than to go winless in this tournament considering he was a former champion last year. I feel Tony Nese should be booked better than he has been.


HIT: The Priest and the Prince

Finn Balor and Cameron Grimes faced off after their encounter last week. Match was fine, but the real story here is Damian Priest. Priest showed up and attacked Balor with his nightstick helping Grimes get an upset victory. Priest than afterwards assaulted the Prince with a steel chair and revealed that this felt just as good as it did three weeks ago. Why did Priest attack Balor? I’m sure we’ll find out. Maybe the Prince of Darkness didn’t appreciate Balor calling himself Prince? Either or, Balor’s not getting his hands on WALTER anytime soon so a feud with Damian Priest will work for now.


HOLD: Swerve Tries to Stay Alive Against Gallagher

Jack Gallagher, a longtime wrestler in the crusierweight division hasn’t had much success in the tournament. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott on the other hand is trying to stay alive in the tournament with a win over Gallagher. Swerve though made some controversial comments that if you can’t get a single win in this tournament than you shouldn’t wrestle. Nese of course winless took offense and attacked Swerve before the match. Gallagher looked like he had a quick victory, but Swerve survived. However the attack by Nese was enough to give Gallagher his first victory and ruin Swerve’s chances. Be interesting to see if anything comes out of this between Nese and Swerve and what’s next for Gallagher other than maybe some more tattoos?


HOLD: Aliyah Trying to Get Branded

Two women in NXT that personally do nothing for me are Kayden Carter and Aliyah and they’re wrestling each other here. The story here though was Robert Stone was scouting the match. Aliyah was trying to impress Stone, but it perhaps cost her the match. Kayden Carter made Aliyah tap out and Aliyah begged Stone for him to take interest, but he walked away. I’m interested to see how much this Robert Stone Brand in fact grows over the next few weeks and if it actually becomes something.


HIT: Riddle’s Revenge Against Thatcher

Matt Riddle couldn’t wait to get his hands on Timothy Thatcher after the events that started the show. This was a great match of grappling and submission holds as expected between these two men. Thatcher was doing everything he could to make Riddle tap out, but Riddle’s ring awareness was genius. Riddle turned a Thatcher submission into a pin and Thatcher was so distracted with making Riddle tap, he got pinned instead of releasing the hold. Thatcher of course didn’t take kindly to losing and attacked Riddle and locked him in the Fujiwara armbar. Guessing this is far from over.


Other things to note was Johnny and Candice’s dinner segment where they’re turning their attention towards Keith Lee and Mia Yim. Gargano touched on beating Dominik Dijakovic and if he could beat him, he could beat Keith Lee. Johnny compared himself to Keith Lee where the fans once loved him, but Johnny of course warned the fans are going to turn on him. Meanwhile Candice is annoyed because she had to wrestle Kacy Catanzaro while Mia Yim gets a match against NXT Champion Charlotte Flair and she’s tired of being overlooked. It’s worth noting that Keith Lee and Mia Yim are dating, but it of course isn’t mentioned on television. Curious to see if this turns into a mixed tag match down the road, singles matches, or everything in between. All I know is Johnny Gargano vs Keith Lee could be a Match of the Year candidate. Gargano is no stranger to putting on epic matches and Keith Lee has had his fair share, see his match against Dijakovic at Takeover Portland if you don’t believe me.


Lastly, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Road Dogg made a big announcement. Since most people are stuck in their houses, the next NXT Takeover will be billed as NXT Takeover: In Your House.  If you watched WWE in the epic New Generation era of the mid 90’s, you’ll remember many of these monthly events. While no matches have been announced, we do have a date. Sunday June 7. So three in a half weeks away if you’re counting.


Next week on NXT we see Rhea Ripley return to the ring to face Io Shirai. That’s going to be a great match.


That concludes this week’s NXT. Thanks for reading.