The Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast: An In Depth Look at the WWE Women’s Division and More!

Justin C, Cam and “The Chairman” Steven Vincent take a look at the WWE Women’s Division on this week’s edition of the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast. Becky Lynch and won’t be back any time soon. Is the RAW Women’s Division still in good shape? Who can step up their game on RAW to replace Becky?

Over on Smackdown, the Women’s Division revolves around Sasha Banks and Bayley. Is their any woman on Smackdown that can step up and challenge them? The NXT Women’s Division is stacked and the Hot Tag Crew discusses who could move up from NXT to possibly make a name for themselves on the main roster.

All of that plus a look back at Money in the Bank, thoughts on the new Brand to Brand Invitation and Sami Zayn dropping the Intercontinental Championship.

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