I’m going to start this off the way I should – RIP to Shad Gaspard.  He died while making sure his son would be safe and there is nothing more incredible than that.  Condolences to everyone really feeling that loss.

We’re just a few days away from Double or Nothing so this is the go home show to that.  Let’s see what AEW served up to try and get people to shell out 50 dollars for a show with no real crowd.  Although it did sound like there were more people than ever in the stadium tonight.

The show kicked off with the Inner Circle arriving and they said what happened to Vanguard One would happen to Matt Hardy.

Brodie Lee and some of his disciples came out to the ring including 10 who had a match with Jon Moxley.  The promo was alright with Brodie saying he is above everyone else – he is Elite.  He called 10 a Knight then promptly left when Moxley’s music hit to allow 10 to get murdered.  I wish there could be a crowd for Brodie really booing him.  The crowd they’ve put together is pretty loud and it does make it more tolerable to watch than the empty arena shows, but still I’d love to hear an entire arena booing.

Jon Moxley defeated 10 of the Dark Order

It wasn’t as much of a squash as I thought this would be as 10 actually got some pretty decent offense in on Mox.  I don’t mind it because we have so many people just running through wrestlers on the show, but with an enraged Moxley who wants his belt back I was surprised it went as long as it did.  It of course all led to Moxley putting 10’s arm in a chair following his victory and calling Brodie Lee out to return his stolen property.  He said he wouldn’t be a geek running around backstage.  Brodie only came on the …I guess Elite Tron to say everyone has to make sacrifices.  So Mox conchairto’d 10’s arm.  It was fine for what it was.

MJF defeated Marko Stunt

Marko Stunt came out alone even though MJF came out with Wardlow.  I hate when faces try to play the good guy by not bringing friends out.  If you’re fighting someone who has someone in their corner who pretty much always gets involved just be there to support them and keep an eye.  They’re a terrible family.  MJF dominated this match and won pretty handily though Marko did get a few good shots in as usual to show he’s here for a reason.  MJF cut a small promo after before totally whiffing trying to hit Marko with his ring.  They sold it well I guess.  Of course after the damage was done Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy hit the ring.

Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson had a meet up in the ring with Tony Schiavone over seeing it.  Jake talked down on Arn’s appearance which was pretty because you know, Jake is Jake.  A lot of it had to do with Mike Tyson making an appearance which is disgusting because he is a rapist and we’re still glorifying him in 2020.  I guess forgive and forget except for probably his and other victims.  Oh well, SJW over here right?!  Jake called Brandi a bimbo and talked about bumping into her again, gross, and Arn talked about how great Cody is because they clearly don’t let everyone know every week when everyone is after him.  It was an alright segment but it is odd seeing these to go at it now.  Arn ended it saying he was glad Jake did DDP Yoga so he could spine buster him.  Awkward end with a non existant scuffle.  The best part was probably Jake calling Arn thick.

A quick Pac promo here to remind us all he IS in this company and is just stuck in England during quarantine.

Rey Fenix defeated Orange Cassidy 

Fenix tried to get the same Liu Kang kick he got on Orange Cassidy last week during Orange’s entrance, but Orange stepped away.  This match was great right from the start.  Orange doesn’t get many matches, but when he does I get why I’d heard so much about him on the indies before I finally got eyes on him.  It seems so weird to think a guy who wrestles with his hands in his pockets half the time could be entertaining in any other way but comedy, but his wrestling is that much better knowing it looks good WHILE he’s stuffing his hands in his pockets.  I can’t say too much about the action because I’m DVR less, terrible at remembering exact spots and was really invested in this match.  It was fast paced, well wrestled and had great high spots too.  We need more Orange Cassidy.  He’s obviously great fun on the outside of Best Friends matches, but he is a goddamn star.  He lost thanks to Kip Sabian distracting with a ladder on the ramp and Fenix hitting a low blow, but give us more freshly squeezed!

After the match Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky dumped Sabian into the ring from the top of the ladder and the other participants in this weekends double or nothing Ladder Match hit the ring to mix it up.  Rey Fenix had a rough landing after not getting enough spring on a dive, Colt Cabana found the one spot devoid of people, and Orange Cassidy whacked his leg on the barricade so the dive fest wasn’t the strongest I’ve seen.

Nyla Rose & Britt Baker defeated Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

This week instead of a women’s four way so we got four women in ONE match we get a tag team women’s match so we get four women in one match.  This is really bothersome.  Why can there not be two women’s matches in one weekly show?!  Also why would Nyla Rose want to team with anyone?  I guess so shes not just running through the contenders to her title.  I have nothing against the match itself, it was good!  But it insults me a little bit to just toss them into one match all the time.  I’d almost rather if they’re gonna do one it’s just a single.  Nyla Rose won even as it seemed Britt Baker may have been actually hurt on the outside.  After, Nyla brought a table into the ring but after help from Kris Statlander it was Shida who put Nyla through the table.  I hope Britt is okay as it seemed there was a lot of communication between the participants and Aubrey Edwards during the match.

Matt Hardy defeated Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara was apparently cleared after his injuries last week and he was on crutches with a neck brace so thank goodness for that.  Sammy is so much fun to watch.  Obviously Broken Matt Hardy is fun too, but I don’t think he has the same pep in his step he once did.  He looked pretty tired early in the match and resorted to stealing Guevara’s shoe for some reason.  Sammy was the star of the match for sure, but it was a fine main event.  After the match Hardy looked like he may have been looking to put a hurting to Sammy, but the rest of the Inner Circle appeared on the tron um, kind of torturing Kenny Omega on the football field.  Jericho hit Kenny with a baseball bat, and I did wonder a little bit why Matt really cared.  The Young Bucks made their return attacking for their friend, and after a little while someone came running from the other end of the field and it was the returning Hangman Adam Page!  I think this was the most excited I’d been all night.  He still walked off after the beat down was over, but it was good to see him back.

Overall I thought it was a good night.  The Orange Cassidy/Rey Fenix match was really good, the women’s match was good and the main event was fun too.  It’s the go home to Double or Nothing so I wasn’t surprised so many matches ended in chaos.  In fact I think there was some extra damage done to wrestlers post every match.  Such is the way of wrestling.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Orange Cassidy vs Rey Fenix

A ton of fun outside the cheap ending, but I wasn’t sure how they’d get out of having either guy lose anyway because both looked great in match and could have used a win.  Fenix getting it but Orange losing in a nefarious way keeps both looking good especially after this great outing from Orange we don’t normally get to see.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Jon Moxley vs 10 or Marko Stunt vs MJF

It just depends on how you feel about the guys I think.  Both matches were fine but nothing special really happened until they were over.

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