Hot Take: The WWE Already Has Their Next Breakout Female Star, And Her Name Is Liv Morgan

w/Justin C

Becky Lynch surprised the WWE universe last week on RAW when she announced that she was pregnant and would be stepping away from the ring. Becky Lynch is arguably the biggest female wrestler to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Her impact on the rise of the women’s division in the WWE cannot be understated. She had over a year long Title reign as RAW Women’s Champion and left never losing the Title.

There is no doubt that Becky will be missed. She was one of the most over wrestlers in the WWE. Her merchandise sold and the crowd never turned on her. But while Becky’s departure leaves a huge hole at the top of the RAW Women’s Division, it also leaves a big opportunity for another woman to step in and take her place. There are a handful of women across RAW, Smackdown and even NXT that could be given the opportunity to take that spot. But if you ask me, there is one woman on the main roster already that can step up and eventually take the spot that Becky Lynch left open.

That woman is Liv Morgan.

No I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I have a pretty good track record of supporting women in the WWE. If you have listen to the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast over the years you know that I have been a fan of Becky Lynch forever. And she became a star. When I was doing my “Alternate WWE Unvierse” booking I was behind Sonya Deville getting a push (albeit as a face against Mandy Rose instead of a heel) and now here she is getting attention for some great promo work.

When Liv Morgan’s vignettes starting airing on RAW, they had me intrigued. Liv always stood out to be during her Riott Squad days as the most charismatic. She played the wild child role well. These vignettes were something completely different for her. I was glad they were going in this direction rather than the whole Sister Abigail rumors that started.

Now lets get past the whole debut during Lashley and Lana’s wedding. Because it was clear the WWE forgot that angle. But we did get some good Liv bits out of it. One I really liked was Liv’s promo after getting drenched in beer by Lana on RAW.

When I saw this promo on RAW it grabbed my attention. You know why? Because I heard confidence. I listened to that promo and heard someone who truly believed in their character and had no doubts in themselves. That is when I knew that the new Liv Morgan was something to keep an eye on.

Thankfully Liv got through her program with Lana rather quickly and won every time in one-on-one situations. She took care of her former Riott Squad member Ruby Riott as well (who by the way is also criminally underused). While that program was too short for my liking, we got another good Liv Morgan promo out of it.

After a Wrestlemania pre show win over Natalya, Liv Morgan faced Asuka the following night on RAW. While I had been impressed with Liv’s promo work since her return, this is where I first noticed her improvement in the ring. Liv was given a long match against Asuka and she delivered. Liv Morgan showed once again that she upped her game since coming back with her new gimmick.

A few weeks ago she had another match with Charlotte Flair. Of course if you remember, when Liv Morgan first left to change her gimmick, it was because of a loss to Charlotte. Liv vowed when she came back you would see the real her. Well Liv delivered another strong promo setting up the match with Charlotte on RAW.

Now I wouldn’t have had Liv lose here. I would have done some kind of screwy finish. There was no need for Liv to lose clean. But in the back of my mind I hope they keep coming back to this so we eventually see Liv Morgan’s big win over Charlotte. It needs to happen at some point to give Liv the redemption she has been searching for all of this time.

There’s a lot to like about Liv Morgan. She’s upped her game tremendously since her return to RAW. Her promo skills have gone up and her in ring work has as well. The reports are that there a handful of people who are Liv Morgan fans backstage. There is no reason to not be. Her look is different. She has the mannerisms down for her character. She’s slowly putting together a complete package, which is what you need to get to the top of the pro wrestling business.

This isn’t something that will happen overnight. It will take time. But I think Liv Morgan has all the tools necessary to take over Becky Lynch’s spot on RAW in 2020. The key will be to not let up. Don’t all of the sudden decide you don’t want to keep pushing Liv Morgan one day.

Will Liv Morgan find her breakout moment like Becky Lynch did? She should. A win over Charlotte Flair in 2020 could be that breakout moment she needs to get to the top. But keep giving Liv Morgan wins this year. And when crowds come back, I guarantee you that they will be cheering her. That is all the audience asks for. They want to see people win and not look like complete idiots.

Liv Morgan has shown me that she has what it takes to become the top female in the WWE this year. And I know she knows she has that as well. If the pieces fall into place, I think Liv Morgan will be in a top women’s match at next year’s Wrestlemania.

Liv Morgan has been telling us to “Watch Her” every Monday on RAW. I’ve watched you Liv Morgan, and I can tell you have what it takes to become the next female star in the WWE.

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Justin C

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