NXT Hits and Misses 5.20.20 w/ The Chairman

This week’s episode of NXT starts building towards NXT Takeover: In Your House. The main event featured two of the top women in all wrestling as Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley went one on one. We also find out who wins their respective groups in the Cruiserweight tournament. Here are the hits and misses this week.


HIT: Karrion Kross Perhaps Crossed the Wrong Guy

Karrion Kross and Scarlett’s awesome entrance may have lasted longer than Karrion’s destruction of the latest enhancement talent on this episode. Karrion and Scarlett were confronted after the match by Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa was attacked a few weeks ago by Karrion Kross. Ciampa challenged Kross to a match at NXT Takeover: In Your House and I for one am excited about this one.


HIT: Tozawa and Fantasma Clash For the Block

Akira Tozawa has had a hot start in group B by winning his first two matches. However El Hijo del Fantasma has kept it close with Tozawa. Tozawa wins here and he sweeps the group. However if Fantasma plays spoiler, he will win the group because he will win the tiebreaker over Tozawa here. This was one of the better matches of the tournament. Both men went all out in this showcase and it was nice they received ample time to do so. Unfortunately for Tozawa his luck appeared to run out as he was conquered by the Phantom Driver from Fantasma. Later in the show, the two men had a brief conversation in the parking lot before Tozawa was attacked by the random masked men. Nobody knows why these masked men keep showing up or what their end game is, but it’s been weeks since they abducted Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza so shouldn’t someone turn this in for kidnapping?


HOLD: Mia Yim Makes Quick Work of Santana

Santana Garrett continues to play jobber to the stars as she was quickly defeated by Mia Yim. Honestly this segment could’ve done with the match because what happened afterwards is why we’re here. Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano came out and belittled Mia. They went on about how Mia keeps getting opportunities handed to her only to drop the ball such as recently losing to Charlotte Flair. Candice and Johnny went after Mia and when Johnny held the ropes causing Mia to spill to the floor is when Keith Lee got involved. Johnny and Candice backed off when Limitless saved Mia Yim. This story could go either way, but my guess is the mixed tag team match could be first. I personally am looking forward to Keith Lee vs Johnny Gargano one on one. I also think if Candice beats Mia Yim one on one, this could really skyrocket Candice into being a major threat for the NXT Women’s Championship down the road. We’ll have to see where this goes of course.


HIT: Roderick Strong Steps Up for UE

Last week during a Undisputed Era group chat, the faction decided it would be Roderick Strong that would take care of Dexter Lumis. We still have no idea what Dexter’s reasoning is for targeting the Undisputed Era. This was a decent match. I of course question if the Dexter Lumis character would work on Raw or Smackdown because I don’t think it would. However it works in NXT. Roddy managed to steal the match with a quick pinfall, but it was Lumis in the end left standing. Roddy was outside celebrating and Lumis underneath the ropes grabbed Roderick Strong and choked him out. Bobby Fish and Adam Cole went after Lumis and their strikes didn’t phase Lumis. Velveteen Dream then came out and helped Lumis fight off Undisputed Era.


MISS: Lorcan and Burch Squash Ever Fall

I don’t understand why Lorcan and Burch hold up one finger and two fingers as they walk to the ring? Either or, they squashed Ever Rise and made them submit in a matter of minutes. Good for Lorcan and Burch to get a win, but unfortunately it seems Lorcan and Burch end up always jobbing to the stars when it comes to tag team wrestling.


HIT: Do or Die for Drake Against Kushida

The Drake Maverick story continues as he has to figure out how to defeat one of the best in the world, Kushida. Maverick was taking everything Kushida had to offer him. Jake Atlas was ringside watching this one being he’s been an important player in the A group as well. Kushida kept trying to break Maverick’s arm, but Maverick kept fighting know this was his last chance. Kushida had the arm locked at one point, but Maverick somehow countered into a pinfall and Drake Maverick scores a major upset. Kushida, Maverick, and Atlas all find themselves at 2-1 in Group A and Byron Saxton next week announced there would be a triple threat match in a winner take all. Looks like the Drake Maverick story continues one more week.


HIT: Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai Face Off

Rhea Ripley wrestles for the first time since Wrestlemania 36 against Io Shirai. The two women knew what was at stake in this big main event. Charlotte Flair of course couldn’t resist and had to watch the action. Sure enough Charlotte would get bumped and involved in this one. We didn’t get a clear cut winner in this one when Charlotte took out Io inside the ring to have the match thrown out. The Queen then focused on Rhea. More than likely this is going to end up being a triple threat for Charlotte’s NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover and could be something special.


That concludes this episode of NXT. It’s also worth noting that Damian Priest challenged Finn Balor at Takeover: In Your House as well. This show is looking stacked and we only have two more shows to go before this big event takes place. Keep it here with us at Hot Tag Wrestling for the latest.