AEW Double or Nothing 5.23.20: Five Thoughts w/Justin C

1. The Machine Debuts

Everyone was guessing about the identity of the mystery man going into the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing. Well the answer was Brian Cage, who for some reason was accompanied by Taz. Cage ended up winning the ladder match and getting a future World Title shot. I hope that doesn’t happen any time soon because Moxley should not be losing the Title any time soon, and Cage shouldn’t take a loss in his first match. And when it comes to this actual match, it left a lot to be desired. There were almost as many people that interfered as there were in the actual match. Nothing stood out in the actual match outside of Darby Allin almost killing himself again twice. Ladder matches are starting to get played out way too much and every wrestling company needs to cool down on them for awhile.

2. Cody Wins the TNT Title- What’s Next For Lance Archer?

I thought Lance Archer would be winning this match and becoming the first TNT Champion. This match was all Archer for 80% of it until Cody took over in the end and hit two Cross Rhodes to get the win. Mike Tyson helped out by keeping Jake Roberts and the snake away after being kicked out of ringside. Cody has an abundance of people who call him out all the time so there won’t be a shortage of people ready to feud with. But what is next for Lance Archer? This was as close to a clean win as possible for Cody. Does Archer enter the battle royal this Wednesday to try and get back to Cody? Archer has shown that he can work given his performance in New Japan before coming to AEW. I wouldn’t have booked him in a loss this soon. I would have let Archer win and hold the Title for a long time. But AEW has the smarts to know how to rebound Archer, at least I hope.

3. I Guess I’m the Minority

So if you read Twitter you know that everyone was raving about the MJF/Jungle Boy match. I guess I am in the minority who didn’t think it was a classic match. Maybe it is different with a live crowd in front of it for me. But I didn’t think it was some great match that apparently everyone else did. It was fine, but I didn’t look at it and think “man this MJF is going to be a huge star.” I’m still not sold on MJF’s wrestling skills. He’s young so I’m not writing him off at all. I know everyone loves to praise everything AEW. But I try to look at this from my opinion and my opinion only and I’m still not anymore sold on MJF than before this match took place.

4. And Now What Is Next For Brodie Lee

If Brodie Lee had come in as an unstoppable bad ass like he looked like tonight, people would not have been questioning his booking so far. The Dark Order stuff has been very hit or miss. The Brodie Lee vignettes were good at first but then they wore on and started to get criticized by people. But you stripped Brodie Lee of all that Dark Order stuff like you kind of did tonight and you have an unstoppable monster like Lee did tonight. Now of course if you ignore the whole countouts and DQs that happened during this match than this was a fun brawl. But what do you do now with the Dark Order? Does Lee blame them for his loss and leave? Does he try to regroup the Dark Order? Another interesting case of what to do next with a big man pushed strong over the last two months that just took their first loss.

5. Stadium Stampede A Mixed Bag

There were things to like and not like when it came to this match. Everything involving Hangman Page was great, especially the bar fight scene with him and Hager. Everything involving Matt Hardy dragged the match. Matt Jackson deserved a flag for his awful attempt to do Das Wunderkind’s dance. A true disrespect to Alex Wright. Chris Jericho was his usually great over the top self. I could have done without the long breaks in focusing on various people. I would say this didn’t touch the Graveyard Match in terms of production and entertainment value. That was put together much better. I think it is tough for a multi-man match like this to be shot throughout a big stadium. It was fine but don’t let anyone tell you this was the greatest thing ever.


Best Friends defeated Private Party

Brian Cage won the Casino Battle Royal

MJF defeated Jungle Boy

Cody defeated Lance Archer to win the TNT Championship

Kris Stadlander defeated Penelope Ford

Dustin Rhodes defeated Shawn Spears

Hikaru Shida defeated Nyla Rose to win the AEW Women’s Championship

Jon Moxley defeated Brodie Lee to retain the AEW Championship

The Elite defeated the Inner Circle in the Stadium Stampede

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Justin C

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