WWE Smackdown 5.22.20 News and Notes

1. AJ Styles Has Been Traded to Smackdown

Michael announced the news on the broadcast tonight. Anyone with a trained ear could tell this was added in post production as Cole’s voice sounded like a recording lay over and not like it was live audio. My guess is that with Reigns off of Smackdown for the foreseeable future, the brass looks at Styles as someone that could be the top star for Smackdown. I still don’t think Braun Strowman is cutting it as Champion. Maybe AJ Styles is the guy to take the Title off him, but it won’t be at Backlash.

2. Braun Strowman Will Face Miz and Morrison at Backlash for the Universal Championship

The first 20 minutes of Smackdown was some of the worst shit I’ve seen in quite awhile. We had Miz and Morrison showing rejected Firefly Funhouse puppets with one being “Diaper the Poopy Face” that probably had Vince and Bruce Prichard rolling over in laughter. Then Braun beat Miz, then Morrison challenged Braun to a handicap Title match at Backlash, which is such a stupid match and angle. Just get right to the Fiend stuff and be over with it. No one actually thinks Miz and Morrison are winning.

3. Semifinals Set for Intercontinental Title Tournament

Jeff Hardy defeated Sheamus and AJ Styles defeated Shinsuke Nakamura to setup the final of the IC Title tourney. We now have AJ Styles vs Elias and Daniel Bryan vs Jeff Hardy next week. Both of these matches were good, and if Jeff Hardy has his head on straight then his match with Bryan should be good. I’m guessing we get Bryan vs Styles in the finals. I would say Styles is a lock to win. I’d put the odds about 70/30 on Bryan beating Hardy.

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