AEW just came off their big Double or Nothing PPV where Cody walked out as the TNT Champion, Brian Cage debuted, we got a new Women’s Champion and a saw a weird Stadium Stampede match.  Coming out of that, Dynamite still had a couple of surprises for us.

The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy defeated Joey Janela and Private Party

This match was fine, it’s good to get some Private Party on Dynamite because I think they’re a lot of fun, if not sometimes sloppy.  I still don’t like Matt Hardy firmly aligned with The Elite but I don’t think we’re gonna get out of that for awhile.  It seemed Marq Quen got hurt during the match so I hope it was just played up for TV and nothing serious.

After the match ended Butcher and The Blade, who have also been missing in action, attacked the Bucks.  Similar to Cody’s weird entrance a few weeks ago to attack Archer a truck entered the stadium.  In a truly wonderful surprise it was Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler aka FTR aka the team formerly known as The Revival.  They played at attacking the Bucks but instead attacked Butcher and Blade.  They left without shaking the hands of the Bucks though so it’s only a matter of time before they’re not playing so nice.

Brian Cage defeated Lee Johnson

All the other big guys just beating on jobbers every week have now lost matches so it’s time for a new one I guess.  I like Brian Cage (though I guess there is no drug testing in AEW?), so I’m happy he’s here in AEW but I don’t think he should be going for the championship so quickly.  I would assume he’ll beat Mox, but I thought the same about Brodie Lee when he came in and immediately challenged for the belt and I was wrong about that.  It seems Taz is here to be his mouth piece and he’s using his old catch phrase for The Machine – “Beat him if you can…survive if he lets you.”  It works, and I’m fine with Taz being a mouth piece but I wonder if he’ll disappear as quickly as Arn did for Cody or Tully for Shawn Spears.

Britt Baker came out in a wheel chair with her assistant Reba (Rebel) and Tony Schiavone.  She had a presentation about how she was the victim of a conspiracy in AEW – one the three women she fought with last week are a part of as well as referee Aubrey Edwards who is often refereeing matches when she gets hurt.  Britt has been really owning this heel gimmick and I’m really happy to say that because I was not high on her at all when she had the dentist gimmick as a face.  It didn’t work for me, everyone knows nobody likes the dentist.  She also got to say shit so I’m sure Chucky T is screaming somewhere.  She said her broken tibia will be healed up and she will be back in time for All Out in September.  So quite a little while.

Chris Jericho with the Inner Circle cut a promo backstage about getting back on track and how they’ll celebrate later but were interrupted when Orange Cassidy walked through.  Chris cut the interview short and said he’d see Orange later.

Hikaru Shida defeated Christi Jaynes

Christi actually really took it to Shida to start the match, but I buy this because Shida did just have a grueling match with Nyla Ross less than a week ago.  It was a lot more entertaining than some of the other women’s matches with randoms on the roster, but I wonder if it has more to do with the fact this was the only women’s match tonight so AEW felt they had to give it time.  I’d give this a watch.  Outside a few sloppy moments I thought Jaynes was pretty solid.  Jim Ross made some pretty questionable comments about Christi including “She goes down pretty well”.  He’s morphing into Jerry Lawler.

Cody came out to talk about being the TNT Champion and I just feel so bad that he makes me so frustrated.  I really always pulled for Cody in WWE, and I was happy for him coming here but he still has the show revolve so much around him.  I really think Archer should have won that title.  In his promo he said he’s going to be a fighting champion who defends the belt every week, and that’s cool, that’s very John Cena of him.  I know Cody can go and he wants to give people a chance but he is still the most important person in his mind, I truly believe that.  He also cannot help but make digs at WWE every chance he gets.  It brings him down for me.

Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc w/Penelope Ford defeated SCU (Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

This match was for a shot at fighting the AEW Tag Team Champions Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page next week for the belts which make little sense because Best Friends just won a #1 Contenders match for the titles at DoN.  Not sure what the point of that was if someone else just gets a shot in the mean time.  It wasn’t so annoying watching the match though which was of course pretty good.  I love watching Kazarian and Scorpio Sky and I’m glad SCU is still getting some TV time.  Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are great fun to watch as well.  I’m not as always having fun watching Jimmy Havoc, but I get what people like about him.  Penelope Ford helped Havoc and Sabian get the victory.

Jungle Boy won Battle Royale for TNT Championship Title Match

The Battle Royale kicked off while Orange Cassidy was still coming down to the ring, but he was jumped by Santana and Ortiz presumably because he walked through the shot of the Inner Circle earlier.  Most of the people were eliminated during a commercial break during Picture in Picture, though the final 5 were apparently MJF, Jungle Boy, Wardlow, Luchasaurus and Billy Gunn for some reason.  Luchasaurus and Billy Gunn went out together but Orange Cassidy finally hit the ring after that.  Orange managed to eliminate MJF after he accidentally hit Wardlow and Jungle Boy and Orange managed to eliminate Wardlow.  Jungle Boy then skinned the cat throwing Orange Cassidy out of the ring to become the #1 Contender for the TNT Championship.  I like this actually because I definitely thought a heel would win to contend with Cody, but they didn’t follow that usual formula.  I do question if I heard Cody right earlier saying he’d defend the belt in Open Challenges.  If that’s the case why did anyone have to win this match?

The Inner Circle Pep Rally kicked off with some cheerleaders and Vickie Guerrero screaming her new catch phrase “Are you Kidding Me?”  The Inner Circle gave each other presents including a scooter for Sammy, some participation trophies, discount Tims for Jake Hager and a picture of Marc Anthony for Jericho.  Hager also read a corny poem.  It was all pretty funny actually, but these guys ARE funny so it makes sense.  Jericho finally called out Mike Tyson blaming an incident in WWE in 2010 which I do not remember but I don’t mind that too much.  I don’t need Mike Tyson around.  Mike and his crew drank Jericho’s bubbly backstage so they had a confrontation in the ring so I guess for some reason Tyson is going to get an AEW match?  Great.  They brawled to end the show.

I thought this was a pretty good show, outside a few complaints.  I don’t need Mike Tyson around, I really don’t.  He definitely gets eyes on the product but I hate that AEW is already compromising their morals for hits.  This is wrestling though so I don’t know what I expected.  I do think people will say AEW came in hot off of Double or Nothing but my biggest complaint is they really need to figure out who they’re giving title shots to and why #1 Contenders matches matter if other people can just get shots.

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