NXT Hits and Misses 5.27.20 w/ The Chairman

Another night of NXT is in the books and the main event featured partners turned rivals Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher face off in a cage match where you can only win by submission or knockout with Kurt Angle as the special guest referee. We also find out who is advancing in the cruiserweight tournament between Drake Maverick, Kushida, and Jake Atlas. Now let’s see what this weeks hits and misses are.


HIT: Triple Threat Cruiserweight Match

The night started with a triple threat match between Drake Maverick. Jake Atlas, and Kushida. All three men tied in the round robin tournament at 2-1 so a final triple threat mtach was set to take place for a definite winner. All three men fought hard to try and advance. Of course Maverick tried to save his job by getting another match. Kushida looked like he was on his way to victory putting Atlas in his armbar submission. However Maverick somehow tossed his arm over Atlas and scored the pinfall in controversy. El Hijo del Fantasma met Maverick on the stage and the two men shook hands setting up their championship match. Backstage Maverick wasn’t content with how his victory went down. Kushida however assured Maverick that he won and Maverick told Kushida he respected him and when he wins the title, Kushida would be the first one to get a title shot.


HOLD: Mia Yim and Keith Lee Dinner Party 

Johnny Gargano quickly squashed Adrian Alanis which makes no sense being Gargano is way past this stage in his career. Mia Yim and Keith Lee then were shown on a video mocking Johnny and Candice’s recent dinner conversations. While they’re trying to give Mia a personality it seems, the comedy stuff doesn’t work for Keith Lee. Then Tegan Nox shows up delivering a pizza leaving Mia and Keith one slice left. I’m all for this rivalry, but this segment was awkward. Gargano and Lee appear to be set for Takeover for the NXT North American Championship while Candice isn’t waiting to get her hands on Mia Yim and will do so next week. I was curious if they were going to do the singles matches first or a mixed tag team match and now we got our answers.


HIT: Shotzi Can’t Overcome the Odds

Shotzi Blackheart drove her tank to the ring to battle Raquel Gonzalez. It was surprising that Dakota Kai didn’t accompany Raquel to the ring, but Dakota made her presence known later in the match when she tried stealing Shotzi’s tank. As we all know, wherever there’s Dakota Kai, there’s Tegan Nox. Another chapter in this rivalry took place, but this time a new element was introduced. Candice confronted Tegan for her role in the Mia Yim Keith Lee skit earlier. With the distraction, Dakota assisted Raquel in defeating Shotzi Blackheart. By the time Tegan realized what happened, it was too late. Hopefully this transitions into Tegan feuding with Candice soon because I think we’ve seen enough of Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox for awhile.


HIT: Charlotte’s Mystery Partner

It was announced Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai would join forces to face Charlotte Flair and a mystery partner of her choice. Considering Charlotte has been burning bridges on all three brands lately, many wondered who she would get. Turns out it was Chelsea Green. This was a great decision! This elevates Green into a major spot and she ran with the opportunity presented here. There was alot of great action between these women, but in the end it was Charlotte and Chelsea walking out the winners. Shirai charged towards Charlotte and Charlotte moved and Shirai hit Rhea off the apron. Charlotte then pinned Io using the ropes of course. Charlotte, Io, and Rhea are set for a triple threat match at Takeover: In Your House for the NXT Women’s Championship and of all the sources, TV Guide broke the news.


HIT: Regal and Cole Discussion

William Regal and Adam Cole had a video chat about Cole’s demands. Cole demanded that Undisputed Era get a fair match for the NXT Tag Team Championship due to the mystery partner Riddle introduced in Thatcher. Regal claimed that Velveteen Dream deserved another NXT Championship match. Cole was furious and said Dream didn’t deserve it. Finally Cole said that this would be the final time Dream would get a title match as long as he’s champion. Regal agreed and then announced their match would take place at another location as well. I also loved it when Regal called Cole a BABY BABY and Cole retaliated calling Regal a Man’s Man (younger fans may need to google that one). Plus I’m loving Cole’s video chat’s because I can check out some of his awesome video game collection every time.


MISS: Ciampa Squash

This segment didn’t do anything special. Tommaso Ciampa squashed Leon Ruff who Karrion Kross squashed a few weeks prior and Scarlett was ringside watching. After the match Kross cut a quick promo and that was it. I understand they need to build towards the match between Ciampa and Kross, but this segment easily could’ve been axed.


HIT: Thatcher and Riddle Cage Match

I loved the setup for this match. This wasn’t a wrestling match, this was a brawl. Brawl for all!!! Riddle knocked out some of Thatcher’s remaining teeth and he was bloodied from the mouth early. Thatcher though kept fighting and managed to pull off a shocking submission win over Riddle. Thatcher had Riddle in a chokehold and after smashing Riddle’s head onto the cage and falling back, Riddle was trapped with nowhere to go. Not sure what the purpose of Kurt Angle was, but whatever. This could easily be Riddle’s last NXT match with the dirt sheets speculating he’s moving to Smackdown most likely. That remains to be seen of course, but same time makes sense. We spoke on the Hot Tag Wrestling podcast about NXT moving some wrestlers to Raw or Smackdown who probably weren’t going to fight for the NXT Championship. Of course we were thinking of wrestlers like Dominik Dijakovic or Damian Priest. Never would’ve thought Matt Riddle, but same time it makes sense. Of course we are getting ahead of ourselves here so let’s pump the brakes.


That does it for me this week. Next week is the final NXT episode before NXT Takeover In Your House so expect some big things to happen. Thanks for reading!