WWE Raw Review – 6.1.20

The Monday Night Messiah, flanked by Murphy and Austin Theory, kicked off Monday Night Raw.

Rollins says he is here to announce Rey Mysterio’s retirement for him because Mysterio himself won’t be able to announce it himself.

Seth also says he is here to announce Rey’s retirement because he is a leader, and as a leader, Seth is coming out here to appreciate him directly for sacrificing himself for the greater good of Monday Night Raw.

After a phenomenal video package (that ends with Rollins taking him out), Aleister Black runs out and attacks Seth. Mysterio is a mentor to Black, and he did not appreciate Rollins disrespecting Mysterio.

This attack would then lead to Black’s match with Rollins.

Rollins vs. Black:

Black came out firing, and in a matter of moments, Rollins had to bail to the outside. However, Black’s momentum would come to a halt after a distraction from Theory.

Seth would slow the match down, methodically attacking Black. But after a while, Rollins picked up the pace a bit and landed a suicide dive to the outside. Rollins later dropped Black to the outside off a back body drop and motioned for Theory and Murphy to attack.

However, Humberto Carrillo ran down to save Black, and Rollins stepped in front of his disciples. After the break, Rollins was stomping out Black in the corner and later got a near fall with a sling blade.

Aleister finally got back into the match and nearly put Seth away a couple of times. Going into the second commercial break, Black was in control as he landed a moonsault to the outside.

Rollins would attack late, but as Seth went flying, he was struck with a flying knee from Black. The disciples tried to run interference, and chaos ensued, but in the ring, Black rolls up Seth for the win.

However, the victory was short-lived as Murphy and Theory attacked. Rollins closed things out with a stomp to both Humberto and Aleister, and the Monday Night Messiah stands tall.

Apollo Crews vs. Kevin Owens:

After Shawn Michaels gives his pick for the Edge/Orton match, and then Lana and MVP had a verbal exchange backstage, we got Apollo in the ring with Kayla Braxton.

Apollo has his choice of competitors to face for his first title defense, and the new U.S. champion chose Kevin Owens. At first, Owens thought Crews was doing this out of pity, but then after being reassured it wasn’t, Owens tells Crews his first title reign will be a short one.

These two men did not waste any time going after each other. Owens would end up sending Crews to the outside where he would land a cannonball of the apron, and then K.O. went up top and delivered a senton to Apollo.

A kick to the groin drops Crews, and nearly ended the match. But they kept going, and these two were throwing fists heading into a break.

Out of the commercial, these two again traded blows before Owens landed a moonsault off the ropes. Crews, however, fought back and got back-to-back near falls off of an Olympic Slam and then a standing moonsault.

K.O. would then go to the top, but Crews got the knees up… however, Andrade and Angel Garza would run down and interfere to cause a no-contest. Honestly, this was no surprise after the events of last week.

Owens/Crews vs. Andrade/Garza:

Raw returned with this tag team match already in progress.

Garza and Andrade went after Crews early on, preventing him from making a tag. However, once K.O. tagged in, Garza ran quickly to his corner to tag in Andrade.

K.O. would try to set up for the cannonball, but Garza ran interference again. With Crews in against Andrade, Garza took out K.O. on the outside. However, back in the ring, Crews countered the three amigos with the Blue Thunder Driver for the win.

If I had to guess, we haven’t seen the last of Crews vs. Andrade and Owens vs. Garza.

Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders:

After hard-hitting matches opened Raw, it was time for a change of pace. After a basketball game, ax throwing, and mini-golf, this week, it was a bowling competition. The Raid was fully on, as the Raiders bowled strike after strike while the Profits could barely keep the ball out of the gutter.

However, once the switch was flipped and the music hit, it was a new game. While the Profits made quite the comeback, a late strike gave the Raiders a one-pin victory. Looks like the score is tied 2-2, wonder what comes next, curling?

Billie Kay vs. Nikki Cross:

The IIconics and Bliss & Cross have developed a bit of a rivalry over the past couple of weeks. Nikki Cross was out here to prove her worth against Kay, and Cross came out of the gates on fire. However, it was Kay picking up the first near fall off a big boot.

Kay slowed the match down with a rest hold and even hit a backbreaker and an elbow drop for another near fall. Nikki took advantage after Kay spent too much time complaining to the referee. But in the end, Kay dropped Cross with her own version of a spinebuster for the win.

I have to say, Kay impressed me with her in-ring work. The IIconics overall are such a great duo, I hope they continue to get featured on Raw in the coming weeks.

Rey Mysterio interview:

Last week it was announced Rey Mysterio would retire on Raw this week. It was under the impression he would be there in person. However, Rey gave the Raw commentary team an update on his eye. Mysterio does not have an answer for when or if he’ll be back.

Dominick would interrupt his father to say Rollins is no messiah, he’s barely a human being, and somebody from this family needs to take care of him. At the end of the segment, Dominick says it is an eye for an eye.

There was a safe bet Dominick would get involved with this feud, and here he is. Anything Seth Rollins touches right now seems to turn to gold, so I am interested to see where this goes.

24/7 Championship:

We have not seen 24/7 champion and newest Tampa Bay Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski since he won the title at Wrestlemania.  However, his reign came to an end when R-Truth surprised Gronk at his house. R-Truth finally has his baby back!

Nia Jax vs. Kairi Sane: 

Jax shoved off Sane’s early attempts at getting the upper hand. However, Sane locked in a sleeper hold, and Jax nearly faded all the way out. Sane even hit a DDT and got a two-count off a reverse. However, all this effort was all for naught as Jax would shove Sane into the steel steps and then hit a leg drop for the win.

WWE is building up Jax to be an indestructible force, and while they have succeeded (I guess?), there is no way she should take the belt off Asuka. Jax offers nothing of value to the Women’s championship, while Asuka has been pure gold over the past few months.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka: 

Ah yes, your obligatory segment with Charlotte Flair, who is technically on Raw, but holds the NXT Women’s Championship and has been featured on Smackdown of late.

Flair wasted little time going after the Empress, connecting with chops that backed her into the corner before going after her leg. Even after the commercial break, Flair continued to go after Asuka’s leg. Asuka was able to get back into the match after landing a kick to Flair’s skull, followed by a German suplex and then a shining wizard.

Asuka then dodged Natural Selection and locked in an armbar and then switched to a triangle chokehold.  However, Flair would get out and countered with a Boston Crab. Flair later got out of a kneebar from Asuka by throwing Asuka aside with a German suplex of her own.

Flair failed to lock in the figure eight but then blasted Asuka to the outside. Out of nowhere, Asuka’s music hit, and it Jax dressed up as the Empress. She caused Asuka to be counted out and then attacked after the bell. Given the status of Flair and Asuka, it is no surprise there was a non-finish here and sets up for them to have another match, with a definitive finish hopefully.

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP:

There has been no secret that Lana and MVP have not seen eye-to-eye since his involvement in Lashley’s career. Much to the delight of McIntyre, MVP was distracted, and this allowed the WWE Champion to attack early with punches and then knocking MVP out of the ring with a Glasgow kiss.

However, a distraction from Lashley allowed MVP to send Drew into the ring post. He would land a big boot to Drew, but McIntyre kicked out at one. Drew started the countdown for the Claymore, but Lashley pulled MVP out of harm’s way. McIntyre was not satisfied, so he went over the top rope to take out the duo.

Back in the ring, the Claymore countdown was successful, and McIntyre defeated MVP, but as the show closed, Drew’s challenger jumped in the ring and applied the Full Nelson.

The Seth Rollins storyline is multi-layered and probably the best thing going on Raw. Not only is he feuding with Rey Mysterio and likely his son, but he also has a battle going with Aleister Black and possibly Humberto Carrillo.

The non-finishes in the show were frustrating, especially in the Apollo Crews/Kevin Owens United States title match. This was the first title defense for Crews, and it ends in a non-finish? Not a good look.

And what is going on with the Raw Women’s division? There Charlotte (kinda), Asuka, Nia Jax, and that is currently it right now. Sure, the IIconics and Bliss/Cross are being featured, but that is more for the Women’s tag team titles. Where’s Liv Morgan? She was gaining so much momentum over the past couple months, what happened?

There was a lot of wrestling, and not a ton of talking, which is always a plus. Overall this episode of Raw was solid, but not the greatest.

My rating: 3 out of 5