AEW kicked off their show tonight with a short video referencing the current state of affairs in the USA and had the courage to straight up say Black Lives Matter. I think it’s really important to make the statement so visible on the show, and I think it was the right thing to do. I do wish someone would have publicly called Jericho out for his tone deaf All Lives Matter message on instagram, but I definitely would be asking for, not too much, but more than they’d be willing to give to hold on to their main attraction.  I also wish Cody would call himself out for his past MAGA comments but I won’t hold my breath.  I don’t know if anyone who comes across this will roll their eyes at me mentioning it at all, but I don’t care.  If you don’t stand for something who are you? Being silent means you’re complicit and using platforms is the way to make a change. Anyway, before Justin comes yelling at me, I’ll give you the results of some wrestling.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match: Hangman Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c) defeated Kip Sabian w/Penelope Ford & Jimmy Havoc

This was a fun match.  Penelope Ford was ejected halfway through for trying to get involved in the match.  Pretty funny moment where Page catches her coming off the top rope then frantically asked referee Rich Knox what he should do (his solution: drop her).  Havoc played his dirty heel role, lots of eye gouging and some hits with a nearby wrench when Knox was distracted getting Penelope out of there.  I was pretty impressed with Sabian and Havoc actually especially when I said last week I’m not the biggest fan of his style.  Like I said, I know people love it so I can respect that it’s just not my favorite.  Maybe I’m changing my mind though!  I love watching Sabian and I love watching Ford, but honestly my favorite part of the match was Hangman Page.  I think he’s just such a fun guy to watch and I’d really missed him.  Page got the pin and I really should try and go back and look at previous results – has he gotten the pin in all of their tag matches?  I was just told everyone thinks this, so maybe Kenny’s weird casual style the past few months is leading somewhere.  After so long watching WWE I had forgot sometimes there are stories being built.

In a pre recorded video Tully Blanchard presented Shawn Spears with what he’s been missing – a black glove.

Brian Cage defeated Sean Dean

Exactly what you expect.  After the match Taz cut a promo about Cage going for Moxley and said he’s upset Mox laughed at him last week.  Mox said he’s happy to go to war with a guy as hungry as Cage and he can go all night long.

Alex Marvez found Lance Archer and Jake Roberts wandering somewhere with some sticks and a dumpster where Archer had taken a masked wrestler to beat up.  Archer said he wasn’t going to let one loss deter him.

A backstage video aired of Private Party talking to Matt Hardy who seemed to be Hardy Boy Matt Hardy and said he’d like to help Private Party out sometime.  After he left he ran into Sammy Guevara who he offered respect to.  Sure.

Chris Jericho w/The Inner Circle defeated Colt Cabana

Sammy Guevara sang Jericho out to the ring while for some reason The Bunny (Allie) is cozying up to QT Marshall.  I guess it could get her more airtime as he’s on more than The Butcher & The Blade.  Colt had a pretty good handle on the match, but the Inner Circle got involved.  This was a pretty entertaining match, but both guys are good so it’s not too surprising.  I’m always surprised when Jericho’s matches go as long as they do, but as trash of a human as he can be he does really do good work to showcase good wrestling.

After the match Jericho calls out Mike Tyson and repeatedly calls for the Baddest Man on the Planet to come out.  Instead of Tyson we got Orange Cassidy!  He just puts Jericho’s hand in his pocket before rolling away from attacks by Jericho and Hager and getting carried over the barricade by Best Friends.  This was pretty fun.  I wonder if Orange will get a win over Jericho sometime.

There was a brief video of Britt Baker “working out” in her wheel chair.  It was hilarious.  Britt Baker, who a few months ago I was hating on, has become one of my favorite parts of this show.  I know she’s hurt now until September but please giving her air time.  She was there tonight in her wheelchair in a cart of some kind with Reba (Rebel) with a sign calling it her “Role’s Royce”.  Haha.  She’s great.

Nyla Rose defeated Big Swole

We haven’t seen Big Swole in the ring in awhile though she has been in the AEW wrestler audience a few times.  This was a great match.  I really like Big Swole and I’m glad she’s back.  She gave Nyla a real run for her money and it’s nice to see some new female blood on these shows.  Of course only one female match, but at least it really delivered.  Nyla Rose won of course and is apparently still the #1 Contender for the title.

After the match Tony talked to Big Swole and Britt interrupted having Rebel crash their cart into the barricade before Swole grabbed a chair and Britt made them back it up.  Hilarious.  Britt is on point.

A pretaped segment with Darby Allin aired where he said he’d get the last laugh against Cage.  I guess maybe he’ll cost him the title against Mox, or at least hopefully so we don’t see a new big guy lose in their first major match clean again.

Another pretaped segment with Tony and FTR where they say FTR doesn’t really stand for anything specific – then gave some examples of what it could mean.  They want to work with all kinds of tag teams in AEW.  They called out Omega and Page for not being a real tag team, which you know, I agree with.  They don’t think it would be great to fight the Bucks.  They don’t seem to like them.  Good.  FTR are definitely better than the Bucks.  Butcher and the Blade interrupted their interview so I guess they’re losing to FTR next week.

Backstage Colt is with Alex Marvez and is interrupted by Brodie Lee who says he can help him.  I guess Colt will probably join the Dark Order, but why would he want to join a group where their leader couldn’t even win his first big match?  As someone put it to me just now though: “Idk. Incel groups actively follow and worship losers. It makes sense that way”.  So true. 

TNT Championship Match:  Cody w/Arn Anderson defeated Jungle Boy

They’re clearly really pushing for Jungle Boy to be a big deal sometime, and the more opportunities they give him I’m thinking it has to be soon.  A theme for the night is this was another fun match.  Jungle Boy is a good time to watch.  I find Cody matches can drag a little and I hate to be hateful to Cody’s wrestling because he’s fine, but I don’t know that he’s always the best at holding a match together.  At one point Jungle Boy bantered with MJF who hates only both of these guys because they’re the only ones he will bother.  Cody got busted open, again.  I feel like Cody gets busted open nearly every match because he thinks it will endear him to fans instead of just getting tired.  I don’t mind seeing blood, but it doesn’t make you cool to always do it.  To be fair it could have been an accident I guess but eh, I don’t buy it.  Cody retained of course.

After the match Jungle Boy is collected by Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt and Brandi and Dustin come out for Cody.  Good Match.

I thought this show was a lot of fun.  Every match was pretty good outside the squash but at least there was only one of those, and it made sense.  I liked pretty much all of the promos they aired tonight and they were helpful to storylines.  I think this was a super solid show.

WATCH THIS MATCH: Hangman Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian

Everything was pretty good but I had the most fun watching this one earlier.

SKIP THIS MATCH:  Brian Cage vs Sean Dean

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