WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (June 5th) (Orlando Florida)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with Jeff Hardy backstage with backstage people

Jeff heads to the ring as we get an update on Elias, who could miss a couple of months of action. Jeff says it’s great to see “y’all.” He wants to thank WWE Management and FOX for this time to get this off his chest. Last week, the WWE Universe witnessed something awful. People’s lives were endangered, the entire show was thrown into chaos, and a good man walked away with injuries, but it could have been a lot worse. It’s not a pretty picture, so he want to pait a different portrait from his point of view.So, he pulls up, excited about the day and the show, grabbed all of his stuff, got out the ar, and BAM! Felt like someone hit him with an anvil. Everything went dark, and the next thing he knew, cops were surrounded him and his clothes reeked of alcohol. The handcuffs were ripping skin off his wrist. He started to question everything he worked for the last eight months.How many more times could he beg for forgiveness?He is here for a reason. It’s good to know he’s not on this path alone. He knows deep in his heart he did not slip last Friday. So, in the police station, they’re throwing every test at him, and he’s passing them all. Eye witnesses show up. They saw someone got out of the car and flee the scene. Someone who had red hair and a red beard. Jeff was furious. He was free to go and he couldn’t get back here soon enough, cuz we all know who fits this description.He tells Sheamus that the anger and rage that developed in him can only be expressed in action. Sheamus tried to take everything away, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let Sheamus get away with it.Sheamus says not to go pointing fingers; jeff’s just doing what he always does, blaming people for his own problems. Why do people like him never admit to it? It’s always someone else. The fans, they’re worse. They’re in denial and are enablers. He tells Jeff for once to be a man and admit what he did.He won’t, though. He’s not a man. He’s just a junkie. He’s about to leave, then tells him not to worry bout his wife and daughter, because they’re used to it.Jeff runs donw the ramp, dodges a Brogue Kick, and attacks. Sheamus is able to stand up and hit one anyway after a few right hands. He grabs Jeff and sends him into the pexiglass that’s siding the stage. He sends Jeff into it a few times, down the ramp.

Backstage, Otis and Mandy are walking. They stumble upon a crown and cowl. Otis wonders if he should try it on. He does, and Mandy says it looks good on him. Otis walks with it. Cole calls this a practical prank. Idiot.Backstage, Corbin is looking for his crown. A little snitch tells on Otis, and Corbin kicks a chair. It’s Otis v Corbin next.

Match 1:Mr Money In The Bank Otis vs King Corbin
Rights immediately from Corbin, but Otis is able to take over until he is sent into the corner. Otis sends Corbin to the outside. Corbin sends Otis into the barricade, then sends him into the post hard. Corbin grabs Otis and sends Otis into the ring. He rushes, climbs out, climbs back in. Spinebuster by Corbin. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Cravat from behind. Otis stands into the hold. He tries to fight out, but Corbin hits him with a right. Right oth e gut, another, a few more. He beats in on Otis then hits a hard right, sending him down and covering for 1….2…NO!!! Otis attacks the back and pulls on his chin then turns him into the center of the ring. Corbin hops on the back of Otis so he sends him back into the ring. Kick from Corbin to the gut. Corbin kicks again, then Otis sends him down. An elbow. Another. A third. Otis scoops up and tosses Corbin over the top of his head. Another deadlift suplex then a splash in the corner. Corbin leaves the ring and grabs his crown.Corbin grabs a chair and hits Otis with it, and we get a DQ.Winner By DQ:Mr Money In The Bank Otis

Corbin keeps attacking, but Otis no sells it and coaxes Corbin into the ring. He hits the worm then celebrates with Mandy.

In a van, Miz and Morrison are spying on Braun. Miz is using binoculars to look at a tv.
We come back to SD and Miz wants to talk about annoying co-workers. They have odd accents as they pretend to be…us? He says Braun is underestimating them. Brun came to work without a care in the world. Some may say that what we are about to see is childish, but it’s not – it’s strategic. A wise man once said, “This is how we do it, it’s Friday Night.”Ok, here we go.Braun is filmed in the kitchen area, making himself a protein shake or somethingThe mix explodes on Strowman, and Miz and Morrison on celebrate heavily. Braun is pissed. He walks away angrily.

Backstage, Shorty G is here to be all short.IN comes Mojo Rawley. He apologizes but says there are far more important thins to discuss, like Gronk losing his belt. Mojo says his interview just got caught…short.Gable laughs it off, then Cesaro and Shinsuke come in and attack him. Mojo joins them until New Day comes to the save of Gable.

Before the next match starts, Sonya attacks Lacey during her entrance.

Match 2:Sonya Deville vs Lacey Evans
Lockup and Lacey overpowers Sonya. She yells at her to get up. Sonya locks uo from behind and Lacey gets. A switch, but Sonya gets hers then takes down Lacey. Sonya misses a right hand and Lacey sweeps the leg. She springboards then drops an elbow and covers for 1…NO! Lacey grabs the hair and sends Lacey into the post face first. Another head to post move. She locks the arm up on the ropes and chokes Sonya with her leg behind the head. Sonya with a punch to the gut Slap from Sonya. Whip to Lacey is reversed, Sonya kicks Lacey down out of the corner. Sonya mock the color of Lacey’s hair then chokes her up on the ropes. Sonya kicks the back of the leg. She kicks Sonya down again. Another kick to the gut. She grabs Lacey and sends her down, then stands on her hair for a bit. Kick to the tits. Sonya sends Lac—reversed! Lacey sends Sonya into the post, then pulls her leg out from under her. Lacey sends Sonya to the rope then kicks her on the apron. Lacey hops up and over and rolls up but Sonya hits the ref’s knee. The ref calls for help, tells the girls to back it up and get some help.

IN comes another ref to hold the girls back as if they’re gonna attack the ref.

Back and we got a new ref. Sonya covers, gets a 1…2..NO!!! Sonya with a choke from behind. Sonya gets sent into the corner and Lacey hits the corner. Lacey gets dragged under the ropes and Sonya drops her neck all the way down to the mat outside. Shit looked vicious. She drags Lacey to the steps and steps on her neck while talking to the ref. Sonya enters the ring then leaves and sends Lacey into the ring. Sonya follows and covers for 1..2..NO!!! Lacey shoves her away, Sonya punches Lacey’s throat. Firemans, Lacey drops off, rope work, clothesline from Lacey! Sonya up first, she rushes and gets hit with a clothesline. Another. She misses a third, and Lacey gets some kicks in. Lacey flexes, runs, kicks the chest, sending Sonya into the corner. Lacey flies up, hits a bronco buster type move. Sonya to the mat, Lacey to the top rope. She salutes then hops up and hits a springboard moonsault. Pin for 1..2….NO!!! Right hand from Sonya. Again. She chokes up Lacey on the ropes then sends her to the mat face first. Sonya hits the ropes and hits a running knee to the chest. Cover for 1..2…No,On the tron, Mandy shows her face. She says she knows it hurts Sonya that she is not a fighter, she’s a failure.Sonya screams at the screen. Lacey turns her around and hits The Women’s Right. Pin for 1..2..3.Winner:Lacey Evans

Braun is backstage with Kayla. He calls Miz and John dorks. They’re two annoying bugs in the summer time.Looks like Miz and Morrison have another prank.Braun says at Backlash, Miz and Morrison are going to get these…

Down comes some green slime…onto Kayla.She is pissed. She calls them bastards as Braun shows his extreme anger with green shit hanging off of his beard.

Renee Young is in the ring with the Intercontinental Title, and she introduces Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles.AJ wants to start. He says we know what’s going to happen. Bryan is going to call him a coward because he took his bye, while Daniel fought his way in and had Jeff not gotten involved, it’ll be Sheamus. Bryan says AJ is a coward. They both have their own way of thinking, and that’s ok. AJ will say it again, he took his bye because it was the smart move. When he looks in the mirror, he sees a champ – the greatest champ WWE’s ever seen. Bryan is all heart. It’s not a bad thing, he’s doing the right thing; but it’s stupid.Bryan sees what he is doin, he’s trying to get under the skin of AJ. They have two different visions and paths to get to the Intercontinental title. AJ will probably defend the title sparingly and only against a select few opponents, because he truly does see himself as the greatest, but he couldn’t even fathom some unexpected person coming up and shattering that, and that’s why he is a coward.Bryan’s vision is defending the title every week on Smackdown. Anyone who wants it is going to get it. He doesn’t do it because it’s noble, he wants to push and test himself and grow and when he thinks of being the best, it’s who he can be, not who he is right now. Also, when the WWE Universe tunes into SD, he wants them to be excited knowing there will be a title match – knowing their favorite can win a title. That’s what he wants, that’s his vision.AJ says this sounds like Bryan wants him to just give a handout. He doesn’t believe in handouts. He believes in earning an opportunity. Speaking of which, how did Drew Gulak get the chance to become Bryan’s coach – an opportunity to work here in the WWE. It sounds like a handout. How bout he gives Drew an opportunity tonight.Drew comes out. He rushes the ring and attacks AJ!!

Match 3:AJ Styles vs Drew Gulak
Drew is sent into the corner and AJ hits some shoulders, then chops the shit out of him. Drew with a jawbreaker. He hits the ropes, ducks under, runs over, AJ goes for a dropkick, but Drew holds on. Drew works the arm from behind. AJ grabs the ropes to prevent the hold. Drew pulls AJ to the center, but AJ gets back to the ropes. He escapes and snapmares Drew then kicks the back. Drew misses a right, and Styles steps forward and trips Gulak sending his back directly into the knee! AJ with Drew on his shoulders. Head butt from Drew. Whip is reversed. Big Boot from Gulak. Clothesline from AJ. He gets a hold in, but Drew fights back and beats down AJ in the corner till the ref holds him back. AJ ducks and hits a right. Whip to Drew, sending him into the corner. Drew does, AJ hits the corner, clothesline from Drew. Back elbow. Dropkick to AJ sends him into the corner. Drew rushes the corner and hits a hard clothesline. He locks the head, suplex! Body slam to AJ, damn near a Michinoku and a pin for 1…2…NO!!!! Drew gets AJ on his shoulders, AJ drops, rake of the eyes, Kick from over head.Drew with a Body slam, but Drew lands on his feet, and AJ holds the head and drops him. AJ calls for Styles Clash, but Drew floats over, NORTHERN LIGHTS PIN.Winner:Drew Gulak

Their next prank is to bust the window of Braun’s car with a golf club and baseball bat.

Match 4 6 Man Tag Team Match:Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day & Shorty G vs Cesaro,Shinsuke Nakamura & Mojo Rawley
Cesaro and Gable to start. Cesaro lifts him like nothing, but Gable takes him down with a leg scissors. Cesro is able to deadlift attempt, but Gable locks the leg. Dragon Screw and tag to Big E. Big E with a punch to the gut. Cesaro with an uppercut. Tag to Mojo who hits the ropes and hits a crossbody. Cover for 1..NO! Tag to Shin. Shin hits a back elbow, Big E locks up, waist lock to Shinsuke! Belly to belly! Tag to Kofi! He’s in, hits a crossbody, tags in Gable, who snapmares and tags in Big E. Big E hits the ropes, tag from Kofi. Splash in the center, Kofi with a frog splash and a pin for 1…..2…NO!! Kofi flies over the top rope onto Cesaro!! Shinsuke says COME ON! Mojo trucks Kofi before the break,After the break Mojo is beating down on Kofi. Headbutt to Kofi! Mojo gets sent to the outside. He hops over the top rope, sends Big E over the top rope. He misses Gable. Kofi attacks. Both men down. Tag to gable. Gable flies with a crossbody! He knocks Shin off the apron. Cesaro in, he gets sent outside. Cannonball to Mojo. He sends Mojo down. Moonsault from Gable! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Gable locks up from behind. Mojo gets him in a firemans, but Gable drops off, shoots the legs. Ankle lock! In comes Shinsuke to take out Gable. In comes E to lift Shinsuke, but he hops off onto the apron and chokes up Big E. Cesaro with an uppercut to Gable. Kofi gets knocked out. Mojo lifts Gable high, sends him dropping down hard with the Hyper Drive. Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Cesaro wants a tag, Mojo misses a clothesline. Tag form Big E, he grabs Mojo.Gable flies over the top to Cesaro and Nakamura. Kofi and Big E with the Midnight Hour for the win.Winners:Smackdown Tag Team Champions New Day & Shorty G

Braun heads outside and sees his car. He asks some dude where Miz and Morrison are at. They are in the van nearby asking who has the keys. Neither of them have them. Some guy tells Braun where they are. Braun screams for them to get out. Braun stares at the camera face first and says that them two are dead men.Of course, Braun lifts the van with Miz and Morrison in it.

Main Event Womens Tag Team Titles Match:Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs Boss N Role Model Connection
Nikki is on the back of Bayley to start. She gets a tag ot Bliss who comes in and drives Bayley to the mat. Knees and a tag to Nikki who hits a low dropkick and a pin fo 1..2..NO!!!! Splash in the corner Alexa smacks Bayley then mocks Sasha. Tag to Sasha and she comes in and sends alexa into the corner. Boot to the neck of Sasha.After the break Bayley and Sasha lift Nikki then drop her on her ass. Bayley sends Nikki towards the heel corner and tags Sasha in. She mocks Alexa then hits the knees to Nikki. She drags Nikki to the center and covers for 1..2..NO!!!Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nikki kicks out .Tag to bayley who comes in and stomps the mid section. Cravat from the side then from behin,d dropping Nikki to her knees. Nikki fights back but Bayley corners her with a shoulder. Midsection is attacked, she misses a splash in the corner but hits an axe handle to Nikki. She sends Nikki to the apron, goes for a neckbraker but Nikki shoves her and heads back in. Nikki goes for a tag but Bayley stops her. Nikki kicks her away, and we get a tag to Bliss. She hits a clothesline. Another. A hard right. Sasha in and Sasha hits another one-two. Dropkick to Bayley. She hits some knees, back flips ifor some more knees. Alexa heads to the top rope. Sh wants Twisted Bliss. Sasha is there to stop her, but she kicks Sasha away. Here comes Bayely to stop to the move. Belly to Belly to Alexa from the 2n rope! Tag to Sasha! She runs in with a knee to the face. Cover for 1..2…N!O!!! Alexa sends Sash into the buckle face first. Alexa hops up on the back of Sasha. Bayley gets pulled out by Nikki. Tornado DDT to Bayley! Sunset Bomb to Sasha! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Nikki. She flies off the top rope with a crossbody. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha rolls over to her partner, but Bayley isn’t there. Nikki grabs the hair. Nikki goes for a neckbreaker on the ropes. Sasha with a Backstabber. Tag from Bayley. Sasha with Bank Statement. Nikki taps but Bayley is the legal man! She locks The Bank Statement on Nikki! Nikki escapes, hits a move, drops Bayley, pins for 1..2..N!O!!!! Sasha breaks it up reluctantly. She drags Bayley to the corner. Tags herself in, gets Nikki on the ropes. Sasha rolls through the ropes with Nikki and locks in the Bank Statement.Alexa tries to stop the tap, but Bayley drags her out of the ring. Nikki turns the submission into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha reverses and gets the win.Winners & New Womens Tag Team Champions:Boss N Role Model Connection (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!)