Last week was a pretty good show and the hope for a repeat was strong.  We got some pretty good tag team matches to kick the show off, and the return of Le Champion Chris Jericho on commentary.  This brought 4 people to the commentary booth so maybe Jim Ross could have been given the night off.  Cody defended his title against Marq Quen

FTR defeated Butcher & The Blade

I guess The Bunny is officially done with the Butcher and the Blade since she’s hanging out with QT Marshall.  It seems kind of like a lateral move but QT is in with the boss so Allie could be making her HHH move here.  Or she’ll help Butcher and Blade get an actual win over the Natural Nightmares at some point.  Despite them being from Buffalo I haven’t been overly impressed with Butcher and Blade, but this was a pretty good match.  It was good to see FTR back in the ring, though I don’t think they need to drive in with their truck every week.  I genuinely thought Cash Wheeler was hurt at one point but I forgot how old school their wrestling style was.  But both sides did their part here with some nice near falls.

After the match The Young Bucks came out and cut a promo about how they have carried tag team wrestling on their backs for a decade and they’re the best tag team in the world.  Eh.  Well I agree that the Bucks have been consistently around and are a huge part of wrestling, it’s well documented that I sometimes get a little bit exasperated with them.  Denying their appeal would be silly of me though and I know people have been desperately wanting a match with them and FTR.  It devolved into a brawl after Butcher and Blade attacked the Bucks and then Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc got involved for some reason before Kenny Omega and Hangman Page joined the fray as well.  It was a messy, unnecessary moment really.

Dasha Fuentes tried to get an interview with the Natural Nightmares but all Brandi and Dustin could do was bitch about Allie wearing a jacket and hanging around with them clouding QT’s mind.  Wow man I just don’t care about QT Marshall.

Nyla Rose & Penelope Ford defeated Hikaru Shida & Kris Statlander

In a complete twist we got a random women’s tag match! This is of course AEW’s continued effort to try and say they’re giving women time.  I don’t like complaining about it- all of the women involved are talented. Penelope Ford is definitely the weakest, but she is improving every single time we see her in the ring.  In fact she’s one of my favorite women to watch because I think she sometimes seems hungrier than some of the others even if she isn’t the best.  The match was pretty physical and Shida continues to prove she deserves to be the champion.  Kip Sabian distracted Shida and Statlander before Statlander took him out, but the ref was busy with them while Nyla Rose slid Penelope the women’s title to hit Shida and pin her with a pretty nice Northern Lights Suplex.  Not Alicia Fox nice, but nice.  This was a really fun match.

Fun Britt Baker video here, but nothing we haven’t seen or heard from her before.

Orange Cassidy & Best Friends defeated Santana & Ortiz & Jake Hager

Any match with Orange Cassidy and Best Friends are fun and I love Santana and Ortiz too but I’m not giving effort to Jake Hager.  Everyone was great in his match except him. Orange Cassidy got the win wonderfully only to get attacked by Jericho with his bat after.   They continued to beat him down with a bag of oranges and bloody Orange.  Absolute bullshit!  Poor Orange.

For some reason MJF interrupted an interview happening with Billy Gunn.  Sure.

Sammy Guevara defeated Colt Cabana

Despite coming out on his scooter Sammy won this match pretty handily.  I assume it was because Cabana is being courted by The Dark Order who actually came to the ring after this match and helped Colt off the ground.  Colt left following them, and Sammy cut a tiny promo before being confronted by I guess normal Matt Hardy.  Or V1 Matt Hardy because he had Matt facts.  Oh but then also turned into Broken Matt and well, you get the picture.  Matt told Sammy he sees a lot of himself in Sammy and he needs to get away from Chris Jericho.  I actually disgaree since I see a lot more Jericho in Matt Hardy.  I suppose these two are headed for a singles match.

Backstage Dasha tried to talk to Colt and he went into Brodie Lee’s locker room.

Jon Moxley arrived and was interview by Alex Marvez and then was attacked by Bryan Cage in the parking lot.  Okay.

TNT Championship Match: Cody (c) defeated Marq Quen

Matt Hardy came out to the ring to begin the match with Private Party and was wearing an old school Hardy shirt so that dumb, haha.  The match was a lot of Cody and Marq TRYING REALLY HARD.  He actually did look great in this match and it is good that Cody is giving randoms a shot as his title, but I can’t help but feel it’s to make himself look good too.  Of course.  It’s the same any promotion will do I can’t hate.  Cody won with a random variation of the ankle lock just to show us all that he can win by that too.  Hugs all around after.  It WAS a good match and honestly capped off another pretty good Dynamite.

Afterwards Hager attacks Cody so Blah.  Private Party and Matt Hardy helped afterwards causing a brawl with them and the Inner Circle.  I guess Hager is next.  Blaaaah.

For all my criticisms Dynamite continues to have a pretty good matches every week.  I genuinely think you should try to catch this show as it’s the only show I catch every week (soon to be changed by the return of NJPW).

WATCH THIS MATCH: Nyla Rose & Penelope Ford vs Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida

Watch women’s wrestling!  Give them more time!  This match was also a ton of fun.  Give it a go.

SKIP THIS MATCH:  Orange Cassidy & Best Friends vs Inner Circle

Actually watch the end where Orange wins and the ensuing aftermath so you can hate the Inner Circle and their treatment of a hero, but don’t watch any match with Jake Hager if you can avoid it.

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