NXT Hits and Misses 6.10.20 w/ The Chairman

NXT Takeover In Your House is in the books. However there is still tension brewing between the superstars of the black and gold brand. Several of these wrestlers take to the ring to settle their ongoing problems while new challengers step up for the highly coveted NXT championships. It’s time to break down the hits and misses.


MISS: Undisputed Era Target Dexter Lumis

The show starts with Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish going to the ring. Cole speaks on his victory over Velveteen Dream at NXT Takeover In Your House and since Dream lost, he no longer can challenge for the NXT Championship long as Cole is holding it. Roderick Strong is completely terrified of Dexter Lumis and Bobby Fish is worked up as well since Lumis shoved them in a car trunk and drove off this past Sunday. Cole claims even though he isn’t 100%, he will take care of Dexter Lumis. I personally don’t know why Cole would waste his time with Lumis, but this is happening. Lumis will never be in the conversation for an NXT Championship match and this is something Roderick Strong or Bobby Fish should be dealing with. This probably also wasn’t the best way to start the show considering there’s another wrestling show airing at the same time.


HIT: Mixed Tag Match

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae didn’t have a good night at NXT Takeover In Your House both losing their respective matches. They look for revenge against Keith Lee and Mia Yim. This was a really good match and one of the best mixed tag matches I’ve seen in awhile. Gargano and Yim had encounters as did LeRae and Lee. Something you don’t see much of in mixed tag matches anymore. Towards the end, Yim accidentally got knocked off the apron by Lee’s Pounce. Lee looked at Yim in shock and Gargano used the distraction to strike Lee and hit One Final Beat. Unknown to Gargano, he planted Lee right on top of Candice. Lee came to and was in shock. He picked Candice up not knowing what to think and Gargano quickly rolled up Lee to steal the match. It’s good for the Gargano’s to get the win back, but what’s next is the ultimate question for these two power couples of NXT.


MISS: Indus Sher Squash

Isn’t Indus Sher the name of Russell Brand’s character’s band in Get Him to the Greek? Anyhow this was a squash match by the next generic two big men of NXT. We’ve been down this road with Authors of Pain a few years ago and how many other times over the years in wrestling. Sure the NXT tag team division needs depth. However I don’t see anything special about these guys. Malcolm Bivens is really going to have to sell these guys to get me to care.


HOLD: What’s NeXT?

Breezango had a brief segment trying to build them back up. Highlights were shown such as Fandango’s big Wrestlemania debut against a wrestler that shall not be named. Tyler Breeze of course had his moments back in his fashion model days in some of the early Takeover’s such as matches against Demon King Finn Balor and Jushin Thunder Liger. Of course things didn’t go so well for the duo on the main roster outside of their comedy shtick. Next week they have a NXT Tag Team Championship match against Imperium so the segment was fitting to build these guys back.

Tommaso Ciampa didn’t survive long against Karrion Kross at NXT Takeover In Your House. Ciampa was asked for his thoughts after his tough loss and he had no comment and drove away. Ciampa has done it all in NXT and it’s well known he has no intentions on moving to Raw or Smackdown. Trying to figure out what’s next for Ciampa is definitely a big question and we’ll have to sit back and see.

Rhea Ripley also came out on the losing end this past Sunday at NXT Takeover In Your House in a triple threat match that saw Io Shirai win the NXT Women’s Championship. Robert Stone confronted her mid interview and tried to recruit her. Stone of course ended up assaulted and tossed in the trash. Rhea Ripley is another wrestler we’ll have to keep an eye on. Does she pursue Io? Does she move to Raw or Smackdown? We’ll have to wait and see.


HIT: Cameron Grimes Tries to Continue His Winning Ways

It was announced Grimes would take on Finn Balor. Grimes was interviewed early in the show about his match and mentioned Damian Priest. Priest was nearby and didn’t kindly to the remarks and sucker punched Grimes in the jaw. The match was then in jeopardy, but turns out Grimes was fine as he was busted backstage flirting with some girls by Regal. Far as the match goes, Balor managed to get the win this time around with 1916. After the match Balor mentioned the one title he never won, the NXT North American Championship. Looks like Balor is going after Keith Lee next. Some people thought, myself included, perhaps Balor would be in the conversation for the NXT Championship. However I’m on board with Balor and Keith Lee. Hopefully Balor goes back to the dark side like he was when he first returned to NXT.


HOLD: Dakota Kai Gains Momentum

If it isn’t Santana Garrett, then it’s Kacy Catanzaro putting the heels over. Dakota Kai along with Raquel Gonzalez looked to get back on the winning track after their loss at NXT Takeover In Your House. Dakota of course won with the GTK then yelled into the camera she’s coming for the championship. Perhaps Dakota Kai could be future challenger for new champion Io Shirai? After the match Kai and Gonzalez ambushed Catanzaro and Kayden Carter ran down to make the save. However the odds eventually caught up to her and she was taken out as well.


HIT: Fantasma Shocks the NXT Universe

El Hijo del Fantasma is the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion and of course Drake Maverick has to steal his moment. Maverick claimed he was distracted, but now that he’s a full time superstar that he could beat Fantasma for the title. Two masked men approached the ring that we’ve seen alot of recently and Fantasma joined the men in assaulting Maverick. Fantasma takes his mask off and says he is Santos Escobar and the other two men are Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. I had a feeling those two masked men were going to end up being those two. However joining with Fantasma or should I say Santos Escobar was a complete surprise. I like the story though. Escobar debuting and winning the title being overshadowed by Maverick’s story should piss him off. Plus it’s nice to see the Cruiserweight division have a legit heel faction.


HIT: Cole and the Undisputed Era Take Care of Lumis

Adam Cole and Dexter Lumis was the main event and of course Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish were ringside. Lumis did all he could, but the odds were against him. Cole with the Last Shot put Lumis away and the Undisputed Era took advantage after the match with the numbers game. Velveteen Dream ran out to make the save and everyone brawled to the back except for Adam Cole. Cole was left in the ring and the lights went out. All the sudden Scarlett walked to the ring and placed an hourglass on the canvas and tipped it over. The sands of time are running out for Adam Cole it appears as it looks like Karrion Kross has selected his next target. Tick Tock!!! The plants were super annoying yelling “Fall and Pray” when his theme wasn’t even playing during this silent exchange. I figured Kross would be in the conversation for the NXT Championship at the end of the year, but looks like NXT isn’t messing around planting the seeds for this story now. I for one am totally psyched for this.


That concludes this week of NXT. While it’s not concrete, it looks like Karrion Kross could be the next big challenger for Adam Cole’s NXT Championship while NXT North American Champion Keith Lee has Finn Balor in the rear view mirror. Soon enough Io Shirai’s next challenger will reveal herself. It has been announced next week that Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart will challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Of course the opponent we won’t know until after Backlash. Also Imperium will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Breezango. Shaping up to be a eventful night for tag teams next week.

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