Hot Tag Wrestling Is Going 100% Podcast

So you may have noticed that we didn’t have a piece up for Backlash yesterday. There is a reason for that.

Starting this week, Hot Tag Wrestling is going 100% to a podcast format. We realized we don’t have the time to fully commit to running the site anymore like a full site should. But we do have time to bring you weekly content on the podcast side of things, and that is what we will be doing going forward.

We will continue to bring you the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast weekly on either Thursday or Friday.

The 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast will also continue. That will be done every Tuesday or Wednesday.

We may try to add a third podcast to the rotation in time. If you are reading this and have an idea for one, drop us a line.

You can follow our podcast and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts here:

You can also find our podcasts as part of the Hooked on Wrestling Podcast community. The podcasts, along with weekly columns from Justin C, can be found on their web site:

Finally you can continue to follow us on Twitter @TheHot_Tag.

We want to thank all of the writers that have contributed to the site over the years. We had fun writing here and sharing our thoughts on the world of pro wrestling throughout the years. We are still doing that going forward, but just in podcast form.

We hope you continue to follow our podcast. All of our Twitter accounts are listed on the side of the main page if you want to follow us there too.

Thank You for everything you have done to support us over the years.

-The Hot Tag Wrestling Team