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The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: What Is Your Favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin Moment?

With today being Austin 3:16 day, the HTC staff tells us what their favorite ever Stone Cold moment is! The Chairman: There are many worthy Stone Cold Steve Austin moments worth listing as the greatest one. My favorite however is the first time Austin gave Vince McMahon the Stone Cold Stunner. This was the birth of perhaps one of the greatest

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Quick Quips: WWE Raw 4.9.12

– “Bring legitimacy back to the WWE?” – Wow – And a UFC reference. Looks like they are going full board outsider with Brock instead of “returning hero”. – That slap actually reminded me of when Steve Austin gave Mike Tyson the finger. – Absolutely some stiff shots there. Cena bloody and Lesnar looks like he has a shiner.

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