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WWE Raw Review – 3.16.20

Just a week ago, I sat down to write the Raw review, which seems like ages ago after what transpired this past week. Now with all WWE events taking place in the Performance Center in front of no live crowd, these shows have a totally different dynamic. With the show being different for the time being, my Raw reviews will

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Looking Back at the WWF vs WCW Invasion (Part One)

With recent events going on in WWE with NXT invading both Raw and Smackdown and the timing of my vintage viewings has reaching the summer of 2001. I figured now would be a perfect opportunity to write up a series of articles looking back at the WCW invasion of WWF in 2001. I’ll recap critical moments involving WCW during this

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WWE Raw Review 9.9.19

The Texas Rattlesnake kicked off Monday Night Raw. After Stone Cold took a trip down memory lane (and enjoyed a couple cold ones), he welcomed Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins to the ring. The two competitors exchanged some words, and eventually signed the contract for the Universal Title Match this Sunday. However, just before Strowman and Rollins could shake hands,

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