WWE RAW 10.1.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Ruby Riott Shows Her Worth

The Riott Squad has been treated as a joke for most of their WWE run. It is kind of sad when you think about it. As a group I think they work well together and should be treated better. And Ruby Riott showed why tonight on RAW in her match with Ronda Rousey. Ruby did a good job with Ronda. Her offense looked believable and it seemed like she worked well with Ronda. Rousey did a good job of selling for Ruby as well. I remember being disappointed when Ruby wasn’t added to the Money in the Bank match. And her worth to the women’s roster is not being recognized by the WWE. I hope she gets the chance to shine in the months ahead. She deserves it for the work that she has put in so far.

2. Can We End the Baron Corbin Experiment?

You know, I was willing to give the Constable Corbin gimmick a shot. It was something new and different for him. But it didn’t work and it has completely worn out its welcome. He was in the main event last week and it did record low ratings for the show. So what does the WWE do this week? Heavily feature him in the first hour. That will help ratings. At this point I’m all for a complete release of Corbin. To me he is essentially Big Cass without the backstage issues. He’s a bore in the ring and adds nothing to these shows. And we all know the heel authority figure gimmick is played out and done at this point.

3. The Ending of RAW Was Fun, But Shows The Problem With The Normal Product

So yeah, the ending of RAW was fun in a vacuum. You had Undertaker and Kane taking out Shawn Michaels and Triple H with double chokeslams. Then Taker tombstoned Triple H. It was fun for what it was, but it goes to show you the problems with the current product. The WWE continues to rely on the past to sell their big shows, while not giving their current full time guys a chance to shine in the same spotlight. How much fun would it be to see The Shield take on one of these two groups? Or maybe Ziggler and McIntyre vs The Brothers of Destruction? The problem is that the WWE does not even attempt to try and make their current stars as big as stars of the past. That is because they do not care enough to try. And it is a shame that we have to have the old stars of the past come back for these shows.

Random Notes

-The only way to explain two Konnor wins is that it is cancer months and they don’t want someone named Konnor losing, right? RIGHT?

-I still don’t understand the name change from “Authors of Pain” to “AOP.” AOP just sounds stupid and way less intimidating.

-The heat Elias got for mentioned the SuperSonics leaving Seattle was insane.

-The teasing of Dean Ambrose turning on Reigns and Rollins is too early in the reunion process. If it is happening it won’t be until the Rumble, and do you really expect the WWE to creatively play it out for that long?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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